Corset Styling Tips – Create Your Own Fashion Statement

With fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian and Madonna wearing a corset on the street, the world is now moving on to the new structure of corsets today, which are much more wearable. These modern-day corsets no longer attempt to mold the women’s bodies into unnatural shapes. Instead, today corsets aim to highlight parts of the body that women are proud of. A modern style corset prefers looser fits and flowing fabrics and not constrictive boning and stiff textiles.

Whether this modern corset trend will stick around over a season or will fizzle out is hard to tell. But, with loose fabric lace-ups, t-shirt styles, it’s like a new fashion era where corsets are reborn.

You can experiment with the corset in the below ways:

  • Go for a fitted, structured, full-on satin corset by layering it over a flowy white dress that will give the perfect royal look.
  • Wear a leather corset-style belt over a utility duster jacket to achieve the correctly structured, put-together look.
  • Try out bold-colored corsets like deep red or royal blue to stand out against a neutral outfit.
  • Dress down a statement-making corset pairing with fitted jeans and a t-shirt for the perfect contrast.
  • The corset trend is also becoming popular in the form of belts that can be added over any basic dress or top to add the much-needed detail to highlight the waist.
  • A lace-up corset made from thin fabric achieves the desired cinched look at the waist without causing discomfort. A white belted version layered over a loose summer dress works best for summer months.
  • Layering a corset-style bralette over a t-shirt dress can get too experimental but with give an unforgettable look. Add an oversized denim jacket for the required glamour quotient.
  • Style a structured, wide corset over a long-sleeve jumpsuit to pull a striking look.
  • For a chillier day, lace up a fabric corset over your spring jacket.

Indeed, corsets are dynamic, and you can really go wild and experiment with it. But, sometimes, corset styling can really getdisastorous. These tips will help you to play safely to achieve the perfect corset look.

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