Difference Between Atkins and Keto Diet- Complete Details

As many people think that Atkins and keto diet is the same diet. No doubt, both have the same rules to some extent but not the same.  Here is the complete detail of both diet from which you can easily choose one according to your body health.

What is Atkins Diet

In this diet, a few carbs, moderate protein, and very high fat intake are recommended.  This diet’s original name is Atkins 20 because it allows 20 grams of net carbs intake in a day, and it is added in many meal plans.  This diet comes with four phases that aim to cut off from carbs and slowly back towards thus nutrient.

Induction:This plan starts with a dramatic reduction in carb’s intake.  In this plan, you just take 20-gram net carbs in a day, and it is continuing until unless you will lose weight at 15 pounds estimated.

Ongoing Weight Loss: In this phase, the aim is to reduce the bodyweight but with a small introduction of carbs.  You can begin with more nuts, fewer carbs, and a small number of fruits and vegetables.

Fine Tuning:  Another name for this phase is pre-maintenance. When you get a goal, and your weight is reduced as you want, you can add 10 gram more carbs in a week.  Your goal should be the establishment of the weight with some diet changes.

Maintenance: Maintenance is the final stage with some eating restrictions as well in which you can eat high fiber carbohydrates.  So, a person can eat carbs according to body tolerance in which the weight is normal as well.

What is Keto Diet

A keto diet recommends very few carbs, a moderate amount of protein, and a very high fat intake.  It was first used to treat epilepsy, but it is considered the best and healthier way to reduce body weight with amazing health changes. In this diet, the body runs on the ketones and starts the rapid ketosis process, which is used fat as an energy source. The ketosis process runs the fat as an energy source that is used for many body functions. A ketogenic diet has a proper ratio of essential nutrients, so starting keto.

Fat 75%-80%

Protein 20%- 25%

Carbs 5%-10%

The Prominent Difference Between Atkins and keto diet

Many people get a lot of confusion about both diets. So, no need to mix these both when you have a clear difference between Atkins and keto.

  1. Atkins Diet increases Carbs Gradually. While Keto Diet Limits Altogether.

As we discussed above, the Atkins diet comes with different phases in which the carbs limits are restricted and introduces gradually. While the Keto diet never does this, Check it out. In a keto diet, a person’s carbs intake should be very low all the time.

  1. Atkins Diet Favors Protein and Keto Diet Requires Fat All Time

Atkins diet traditionally recommended the intake of protein according to the body conditions and needs. Another hand keto diet does not recommend a protein amount. It is just based on fat and its derivatives. This is the reason a high-fat diet is another name for the keto diet.

  1. Atkins Do not Encourage Whole Food, but Keto Do

Atkins diet offers low fiber carbs content.  This diet encourages the people to move at Atkins branded things like Atkins bars, packaged food, and Atkins shakes. At the same time, keto is based on high fiber and whole food groups.  It shows that in a keto diet, eating whole grains is best as compared to refined grains.

  1. Atkins Diet is Used for Weight Loss, and Keto is Healthy Lifestyle

Atkins diet is best for rapid weight reduction without getting harmful changes. This diet introduces carbs gradually while keto does not do this. A Keto diet is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. It is also helpful in curing many chronic and acute diseases, not just for weight reduction.

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