Different Materials for Car Mats

Car mats are the first line of defense for protecting your flooring. Floor mats have the task of having to withstand levels of abuse on a regular basis, provide extra layers of comfort, and still complement the vehicle’s interior aesthetic. Vehicle manufacturers have attempted to solve these unique problems by creating different material types with each providing protection for the vehicle’s intended use. Aftermarket floor mat manufacturers also offer products using materials and colors designed to match the manufacturer’s ones, while giving improvements on the originals. Some of the different materials you can find include vinyl, carpet, and rubber car mats.

Rubber Car Mats

Rubber floor mats are made from natural rubber. Rubber car mats are tough and can last for a long time. These floor mats are recommended for high traffic areas and can be produced in different kinds of surface and design patterns. Rubber mats are easy to clean and are usually made more economically than carpet floor mats. Rubber mats can also provide more protection when compared to other styles and are durable. They are designed to withstand the elements of harsh climates and high-level dirty environments. Since colors may be limited, you may not find a rubber mat to match your underlying carpet exactly. Rubber mats may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other options. If you eat and drink in your car often then rubber floor mats are more likely to withstand the abuse. This is also true if you regularly transport dirty cargo.

Carpet Floor Mats

There are many different types of custom carpet floor mats available. Custom floor mats made from carpet can provide more coverage and protection than the factory car mats. These options can also generally be cheaper than a dealership floor mat. Carpet car mats may be more suitable if you live in an environment where there isn’t a lot of snow, loose dirt, or mud. You can get a wide variety of colors and different choices of carpet fibers. Carpet does stain easier than rubber and carpet mats don’t handle the wear and tear as well as other options. Carpet mats will give less traction and require more upkeep.

Vinyl Floor Mats

Vinyl mats are less expensive to produce and are usually affordable. Vinyl won’t absorb the water, just like rubber, and can be a similar option to rubber in terms of functionality and durability.

It’s important to know the make and model of your car when choosing a floor mat so you can find the ones that will fit your floorboard properly. If you choose a floor mat that is too large, it can cause slipping when leaving or entering the vehicle and can lead to an accident while driving.

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