ESMOND: The Leading Gadget Repair Shop in Singapore

When your favorite laptop, your MacBook, your iPhone, and other gadgets seem to have problems, you want it to get fixed right away. You go to the nearest local repair shop and let them do their thing without seeing if they are professional in their work or not. With that, there is a possibility that you won’t get the service that you need. In return, you pay more for finding another shop to fix the problem. Worry no more because ESMOND has you covered with all your techy concerns.

What is ESMOND?

Co-founder Esmond Liu is the one behind the success ESMOND Service Centre. They are a repair company for all your different gadgets. They cater, Phones, laptops, i-watch, and many more. They also do not care whatever brand it may be. Plus, Mr. Liu offers training and workshops for newbies in their shop.

He ensures that they become professionals and experts in the field. ESMOND runs in the industry for more than ten years now and counting. With this, you can tell that people love their services. Thus, they are a leading platform in Singapore that people trust and rely on their services. Here are some of the great qualities the platform has:

  • Quality and Robust Works

As mentioned, the co-founder ESMOND ensures that their employees have the necessary skills to keep a job well done. With that, people are sure that these people are professionals and they know what they are doing. You can tell that they are the best because they can supply not more, not less but the exact adjustments and repairs. When you get a  macbook repair or any gadget, you also get to tell them what you wanted them to do. ESMOND employees listen to the requests of their clients. It makes it easier and convenient for both sides.

  • Quick Repairs

In ESMOND, you do not have to wait days or even weeks to get your gadget back. They ensure that they finish their repair within hours. Depending on how complex the repair may be, the maximum repair time goes around an hour or two. Expect that there will be no delays in ESMOND. They work around the clock and call their clients right away after finishing their repair. Keep updated with how many people are also waiting since it can also add to your waiting time. With this, the employees ensure to get things done before the day ends.

  • Offers Warranties

ESMOND is very reliable because they are not afraid to give warranties to their clients. In every MacBook and other gadgets they restore, they offer a warranty. Should you have any inquiries after getting it fixed, you can consult them for free. Read their terms and conditions about this matter to ensure a smooth transaction.

With ESMOND, everything is effortless and accessible for you. Visit the ESMOND website now and learn more about them. You can also check their deals and other offers waiting for you. Also, you can visit them at Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) 460 Alexandra Road.

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