Finding The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Many argue that Australia might be the true birthplace of the bikini. Whatever the history, it is completely undeniable that Aussie women simply love their swimwear. The australian bikni is one of the biggest product categories cornering the country’s fashion industry. If you’re coming to any of Australia’s many white-sand beaches, you’ll need a good swimsuit. However, not everyone might have a detailed eye or know exactly what they’re looking for to dress their body type. There are so many different styles to sort through, but not all of them will equally flatter your natural body shape.

Here is a concise but helpful guide on how to pick the best swimsuit design for your body type.


Many slender bodies are characterised by fewer curves and more defined lines. Fun one-piece designs with cutouts or eye-catching patterns can add more dimension to this body shape, particularly designs that draw attention to the waistline. Designs that centre on the waist can cinch your middle and make your overall figure look curvier.


People with pear-shaped body types usually carry most of their weight on the thighs and the hips. Side-tie bottom bikinis look the best on this body type or styles with bottoms that ride higher on the hips without sitting directly on the waist.

Avoid wearing straight high-waists or low-rises, as they can make the bottom look heavier. Don’t worry — many australian bikni brands have come out with eye-catching, semi-covered designs that can draw the eye higher, making your whole body look lighter and more balanced.

Athletic Body

Women with more muscular physiques might have broader shoulders and smaller hips and waists. Two-piece bikinis can be helpful to highlight a womanly shape without covering up the muscle definition. If you want to show off being strong and fit and still channel your femininity, choose a suit in a delicate or neutral colour.


Curvier body shapes are usually characterised by wider waists relative to their hips and bigger busts. While curvy bodies are ideal for most swimsuit designs, accentuating the hip and the bust is a good way to dress the curvy body. Otherwise, whether it’s a one-piece in a solid colour or a bikini with a fun pattern, there aren’t as many restrictions compared to other types as to what should flatter this body shape.

If you need extra help, this bikini calculator online can help you determine what kind of swimsuit will best flatter your measurements.


Women with shoulder measurements that match their hips and narrower waistlines have hourglass-shaped bodies. They should avoid one-piece swimsuits with side cutouts because this design can hide the slim waist.

The best fit for this kind of body type is a snug, high-waist bikini, with the bottom piece perfectly sitting on the narrowest part of the waist. If it sits higher or lower, it might create a thicker silhouette.

The (Bikini) Bottom Line

Finally, the most important thing to regard when looking at swimwear is how confident you feel in your suit. With the pointers listed above, you should be able to find a good swimsuit style that’s comfortable and flexible enough for you to fully enjoy the beach without feeling self-conscious. If it fits, you should feel good because you look good. And remember — confidence is always key.

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