Fine Ephesus Tour From Izmir You Need To Know About


Idyllically located in a bay on the Turkish Aegean coast, Izmir attracts numerous holidaymakers from all over the world with its wonderful promenade. It is not for nothing that the city on the Gulf of Izmir is also called “the pearl of the Aegean”. It is the third largest city in Turkey and an important trade and transport hub due to its large port. For millennia, the port of Izmir has been the gateway to the world. For Ephesus Tour From Izmir you need to have the following information

Izmir can look back on a long history, as the city was founded in the third millennium BC back. Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Christians and Jews – many cultures and religions have left their traces and influences in this city. Numerous buildings and relics tell you the exciting part of this city. So Izmir always retains its ancient origins, which is why it is one of the cultural centers of Turkey. But Izmir also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape.

Izmir port

The Turkish city has long since developed into a popular holiday paradise , where holidaymakers get to know the stark contrast between history and modernity. You are also completely right here if you want to experience cultural diversity, be active in sports or just relax – everything is possible in Izmir.

Sightseeing in Izmir

There is a lot to discover in Izmir and due to the extensive history of the city, an incredible number of sights and excursion destinations await you here. You can also opt for What to do in izmir now.

Kordon harbor promenade

The famous port promenade of Izmir is called Kordon and invites you to take a long stroll with a view of the turquoise blue sea. On the promenade you will find numerous cafes, bars and taverns, where you can sit comfortably and let the hustle and bustle of the city sink in. However, if you prefer to do it just like the locals do, you can simply sit down on the lawn in the adjacent park and drink a beer or eat an ice cream while you read a book in peace or watch the ships docking at the port. In the evening it is worth watching the sunset at the harbor perhaps with a portion of freshly caught fish and a glass of red wine.

The cordon promenade

If you are not tired yet, a colorful nightlife awaits you on the Kordon, where tourists and locals meet in bars and clubs and party extensively.

Agora of Smyrna

In ancient times, the agora was the center of every Greek city – with a market square, small craft shops and an amphitheater. In Izmir you will also find such an agora, which was built under Roman rulers in this city, which at that time was still called Smyrna .

Agora of Smyrna

Unfortunately, the Agora of Izmir has been destroyed several times by earthquakes or fire. However, it has been reconstructed again and again, which is why you can at least visit it as a ruin today . With a bit of imagination, you can still follow the traces of the past in this place and immerse yourself in the once very turbulent ancient life.

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