Get a Second Opinion

Sometimes, you just need a second opinion. Whether it’s because it’s a big expense, or a lot of risk or an area you lack expertise in, there are a lot of reasons to seek second opinions and countless professions where you want to have more than one opinion before you make your decision. Here are just three situations where you probably want a second opinion before you make a decision.


The bigger, more complicated and more expensive the job, the more you should seek a second opinion. Whether you’re looking for a plumber second opinion Toronto or a roofing second opinion in Santa Fe, you may be shocked by how much variation there is between estimates. All this is compounded by how difficult it is to find reliable contractors at the best of times. Do yourself a favor: when you’re getting estimates, go ahead and get several different opinions before you commit to anything. 


Nowhere are the stakes higher than in the medical profession. Of course it’s important to trust your doctors and respect their expertise, but it’s also important to be realistic and skeptical, especially when it comes to something as important as health. Your specialist, for example, might not be as intimately familiar with your personal history as your lifelong family physician, but that family physician lacks the specialist’s extra training.


Any large purchase probably requires a second opinion. Any specialist area with expertise outside your area probably requires a second opinion. Anything piece of complicated equipment you are going to rely on every day probably requires a second opinion. Cars combine all three, with an additional edge that a second opinion will give you better negotiating power. 

There are countless other scenarios where you will want to seek second opinions regularly. These are just three of the more common ones. Where else do you seek second opinions and further advice?


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