Gili Trawangan, One of Beautiful Lombok Beach

After Bali, Lombok is another destination that tourists generally choose as a vacation spot because of the attractiveness of marine tourism and its area, which is not too far from Bali. With the benefit of its amazing all-natural panorama, this island is regarded as the following Bali.

Lombok, besides being called a Thousand Mosque Island, is also called Thousand Beaches Island. Virtually all districts around the island of Lombok have shores that become favorite destinations.

The majority of the shores in Lombok are called virgin beaches that are still seldom seen by tourists. Apart from Senggigi Beach, there are lots more lovely shores in Lombok you must not miss. Here’s a listing of the ten greatest beaches in Lombok, which you have to see.

  1. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Beach is situated on a little island in the western portion of Lombok. It’s found at Gili Trawangan Island that it’s a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Its fantastic beach and clean air make this island always crowded with tourists.

There are several types of actions found on Trawangan Beach, for example, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing using a glass-bottomed vessel, moving about with “cidomo” and a lot more. Inside this island, you aren’t permitted to use motorized vehicles to avoid pollution and take care of this marine ecosystem’s naturalness.

Gili Trawangan can also be the best place if you would like to see the pure occurrence of sunset and sunrise.

  1. Setangi Beach

Do you want a quiet spot to escape from the hustle and bustle town’s atmosphere? Setangi Beach is among those shores in Lombok, which has not been seen by lots of tourists. Therefore it is sometimes the right spot to refresh your thoughts. Setangi is ashore with a lengthy coastline and boundaries using transparent seawater.

Setangi is a gorgeous beach with palms. The sand is black blended with the sand. Since the waves are powerful, the majority of the time, the shore is more acceptable for browsing and not so great for swimming. The location is crazy, so you will usually find only a couple of men and women.

  1. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is among the most well-known beaches in Lombok. You’ll be provided amazing views of white and black sand gradations. The opinion of the sunset is also fantastic. This beach is acceptable for people who wish to perform a lot of water actions. There are various activities tourists may perform, such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, canoeing, biking, and fishing. The shore is very convenient if you would like to go for a family vacation.

On the lengthy shore, Senggigi Beach includes two cultural places which it is possible to go to. In comparison, Batu Layar is a place where there’s a grave of a cleric.

  1. Pink Beach

Pink Beach, initially called Tangsi Beach, has uniqueness in contrast to other shores in Lombok. It’s the sand shade that’s pink. The pink color is a combination of white sand along with the red coral aromas.

Not just the pink sand, which makes this shore so appealing, but the large cliffs also arise close to the shore area, which increases the gorgeous scenery of the shore. The water stream here can be comparatively silent to allow it to be safe for kids to play.

  1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach isn’t simply in Bali. The shore has brown white sand, nearly much like pepper. Even though they have precisely the same title, Kuta Beach in Bali and Kuta Beach at Lombok have quite different atmospheres at which Lombok Kuta Beach isn’t so touristy, nevertheless clean and silent.

The distinguishing aspect of this beach is a mountain on the west shore, which will be called the Mandalika Hill. From that mountain, you may delight in the great thing about the entire Kuta Beach. The ocean water onto this shore is super obvious, which means it’s possible to observe this coral reef’s perspective along with your bare eye.

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