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These are just a few types. Species from the same group can differ greatly from each other. There can also be one different color variants. A group can also be distinguished on the basis of the format: the dwarf cichlids, with the species that grow to less than 12 centimeters in length. Different species can sometimes produce crosses, both in the wild and in captivity. Crossing species can lead to health and fertility.

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A number of aberrant cichlids have been bred, such as the ‘parrot cichlids’ (not to be confused with the original natural parrot cichlid, Hipparchus psittacosis). These have deformed body and a small deformed mouth, which does not benefit their health and well-being. You can so better avoid them. Naturally Most cichlids live in fresh water, however there are a few species that live in salt or brackish water can live like the orange cichlid (Troilus maculates).

  • Some cichlids live infest flowing water, but they are mainly found in lakes or other waters with no to little current. Most cichlids have a territory they defend. Some kinds defend this only during the reproductive period; other species always defend a territory. Teethe degree of aggression with which this is done differs per species. Some of the cichlids are alive only in such a territory, while other species do that as a pair or even with a whole group.

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Cichlids can communicate with each other in different ways, for example through certain ones movements, and in some species by allowing the body to change color. Cichlids are known to be aggressive towards other fish; this is especially it in males of certain species, such as the zebra cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata). There are but also quieter species where almost no aggression occurs, such as the sunfish or the orange cichlid. When cichlids fight with each other, they grab each other by the mouth, this can also happening an aquarium.

  • If there is enough space in the aquarium, the loser will withdraw. The territorial boundaries will be respected and peace will return automatically. If not, however enough space, the fighting can cause serious injuries or even death to have. There is a lot to consider when setting up, setting up and maintaining an aquarium.
  • In the Practical document ‘The tropical freshwater aquarium’ you can read how to tackle this and the terms used are explained in more detail. How many cichlids can be kept together and whether they can be kept together with other fish life varies greatly by species. Some cichlids will fish much smaller than they eat.

The Right Solutions

Also note that fish you put together have the same demands on the water and the nutrition. Especially for the aggressive, territorial species, such as some African cichlids that they are best kept in a biotope aquarium without other species. If you once a group have cichlids of a certain rank, it can be difficult to find a new one introduces cichlid. To keep cichlids and possibly other fish as peaceful as possible living together it is important that your aquarium is large enough and that there is enough hiding places to be.

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