Here are the first 3 Tricks you need to learn to start your Tricks journey.  

Vape tricks, love them or hate them – they are very cool and everyone wants a piece of the pie. That smooth, cool and fragrant air of the vape only makes these tricks more pleasing to the senses than any other form of smoke. The more you deep dive into vape tips and tricks, the more you realize that there is a lot to offer and loads to learn. At first, these tricks might be a lot to take. With so many cool tricks on the internet, your heart will want to jump right to the cool stuff. Like football tricks Vape tricks are also tricky. You need to learn the basics first before you join the x-games. Although the tricks on the x-games look great – jumping right into those is both impossible and harmful. 

Here are a few good tricks to start. 

1. The Simple O’s

You would have seen this in classic movies. The most basic trick of smokers. This is one of the stepping stones to vape tips and tricks. By making forming an ‘O’ shape with your lips and mouth, you need to project out a circular smoke. The dense smoke of the vape will make this O last longer and grow bigger. It’s way easier to blow these Os on a vape than conventional smoke. The trick is to practice as much as you can. If you master this, you will be able to do more tickets later on. 

2. The Ghost Inhale. 

As cool as the same sounds, this is one of the most simple vape tricks to do. The trick is as simple as pull a long drag of your vape and then holding this thick cloud in your mouth without inhaling. Once you feel a big ball of smoke in your mouth, push it out and then immediately inhale it back in. This gives a ghostly mushroom cloud visual to your smoke. This is the reason why it’s also called a “Mushroom cloud” trick. 

3. The Dragon 

Just like the name suggests, you want to look like a fire breathing dragon. Except for fire, you are going to play with vape smoke. The trick has to one of the easiest to do. Be cautious to not do this trick if you have a blocked nose of a cold. The trick is done by holding a ball of smoke in your mouth until it’s full. Then blow out of your nose sharply to make it look like the dragon is breathing out. The trick is so easy to do — you will be able to master it on the first try.    

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