Here’s How Advances in Material Sciences Are Improving Society

If you take a moment to think about all the incredible advances in material sciences over the years, it can be breathtaking to realize how far we’ve come. Right now, you’re probably reading this article on your smartphone, laptop, or a similar electronic device. That device is in your hands because material sciences have provided society with a huge range of important materials. And while we’ve come far, companies like Mentis Sciences continue to advance technology.

Consider the classic pirate with his (or her) wooden peg leg. A few hundred years ago, a wooden peg was about as advanced as prosthetics got. These days, modern prosthetics use carbon fiber and other light but strong materials to make life easier for folks using prosthetics. In fact, with the right practice and training, some individuals can run at Olympic speeds using prosthetic legs.

Companies like Mentis Sciences have helped make this possible. Outside of prosthetics, advances in carbon fiber are making hypercars lighter and faster on the road. Carbon fiber materials are used in commercial aircraft as well, offering excellent structural strength while keeping weight low. Carbon fiber and other advanced composites are also popular among high-end drones and other aerial vehicles.

As far as material sciences have come, scientists and advanced research companies and organizations will continue to push the limits. Years from now, materials might be even lighter and stronger. This could change the way societies function.

Lighter aircraft, for example, could reduce fuel consumption, thus helping with global warming. Air travel costs too might go down, allowing more people to travel. And better prosthetics will help people live fuller, more active lives.

Add it all up and modern materials could create countless opportunities.


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