Here’s How You Can Buy the Perfect Power Adaptor

For those of you who own a perfectly working electronic device but have a damaged, failed and missing power adaptor (ปลั๊ก แปลง ไฟ, which is the term in Thai), this article is just for you. This article shall help you to identify an appropriate replacement AC to DC power supply or power adaptor for your device.

AC to DC Power Adaptor: All About it

AC to DC power adaptor is a power supply that is capable of converting the AC Mains Power of 240V to a relatively lower DC voltage that your device would require to function.

What to Search For?

The simplest replacing procedure of power adaptor is by looking at the originally supplied power adaptor by your device. The adaptor must have a label for rating either on the top or on the underside.

Given below are the markings given on the rating label, which you must know of.

Model #: This particular model number denotes the original part number of the manufacturer. This would generally have no relevance to the suppliers and sellers of the power adaptor, for as long as you are not having a communication with the original equipment manufacturer.

The Input Specifications: The input specifications display the range of voltage, current and frequency consumption of the conversion plug (ปลั๊ก แปลง, term in Thai).

The Output Specifications: This is the vital part that we need. Using the same label of rating, the output defines the voltage of the output, and whether it is AC or DC followed by the maximum output of current.

How to Check the Voltage Output

AC or DC: We need to determine if the voltage output need is AC or DC. Some of the power adaptors tend to get this indicated with AC or DC instantly following the output of the voltage. However, in other cases, AC is defined as a sinewave whereas the DC is defined with a straight line followed by three broken lines just underneath it.

How to Check the Current Output?

Once you have considered the device voltage, you have to find out the current amount that it requires. The current states what amount of power the device requires to function.

The Universal Power Adaptor

If you are unsure about the type of the pin or on the lookout to get an adaptor that can be used for a lot of devices, then you should go for a universal adaptor. Universal travel adaptors are designed with multiple plugs of DC. These plugs aid you to output at diverse voltages, with varied conversion plugs that can be configured in varied polarities.

Thanks to the rule of USB, the charging system is slowly becoming universal and is also being made available in lower power electronic devices.

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