Home fitness with EQ300 has a lot of advantages over regular gym visits

Home fitness has the following advantages over regular gym visits:

Save time and energy. Home fitness allows you to abandon unnecessary gestures – trips (trips) to the gym, waiting in line for the projectile.

Trainers are always at hand. In case of bad weather, lack of energy or a desire to get to the gym, you have no excuses. You can train at any time of the day.

Shy people can not be afraid. Nobody will see their “shame”. In fact, the complexes of newcomers are contrived, but for many it will be easier to deal with the result when there are no people nearby.

Improve your figure, get the right proportions with Equipoise for Sale in USA. We select exercises and training methods for the personal goals of the athlete. Example: a man who wants to become the owner of a V-shaped figure needs to focus on pull-ups. A woman who wants to bring the figure to the form of an hourglass as much as possible needs to work hard on her lower body.

Improve health. Man is not created for a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of which there are “diseases of civilization”, among which there are psychological problems. Home fitness makes all body systems work correctly, health improves.

Get a good mood on an ongoing basis. Home fitness is the secretion of hormones of happiness during training. After proper training, you will find that your mood has improved and your life problems have ceased to seem so complex.

Home fitness. Types of exercises

Fitness training at home is a combination of 2 types of exercises:

  • Power (anaerobic) exercises – performed without oxygen. Better suited for muscle gain. Example: pull-ups, push-ups, squats, legs lifting in the hang, traction, bench presses.
  • Aerobic exercises – performed with the participation of oxygen. The best choice for fat loss. An example is running at an easy pace, jumping rope, swimming.

Home fitness is most effective only when we combine 2 types of exercises.

Best Home Fitness Exercises

  • Pullups are the best movement for developing back muscles and improving posture;
  • Push-ups are the best movement for the pectoral muscles and triceps;
  • Squats – the best exercise for pumping legs and buttocks;
  • Various rod options. Deadlift, traction with any simulators – develop muscles of the back, biceps, back deltas;
  • Bench press variations – working on the chest muscles, triceps, front deltas;
  • Variations of squats and leg leads – training various muscles of the lower body;
  • Raising legs in the hanger or twisting variations is the best exercise for pumping up the abs;
  • The best exercise for fat burning and body cleansing. Home option – running on the spot.
  • Jumping rope. Burn fat, tone the muscles.

This is enough to achieve the fastest result in home fitness.

Fitness equipment for home fitness

The horizontal bar and bars are the best simulator for pumping the muscles of the upper body;

  • Universal expander. Allows you to work out each muscle of the top and bottom of the body. Universal expander – hundreds of exercises that can be performed from different angles;
  • Rubber hinges. Alternative to an expander;
  • Press roller or press rollers. The best simulator for the press, which gives a static load on all the muscles of the top and bottom of the body;
  • Hinges TRX. TRX loops allow you to work out any muscle with the help of hundreds of variations of the above exercises;
  • Skipping rope – for burning fat and aerobic training;

This is the maximum you will need for home fitness. You can confine yourself to a horizontal bar-bars, an expander and a rope. It is cheap and does not take up much space.

Home fitness is easy, simple and useful!

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