How to Choose Glasses Frames

When it comes time to choose your next pair of glasses, you’ll want something that looks great on your face. Trying on glasses is the best way to decide what you like, but here are three things to consider when selecting the frame for your glasses.

Face Shape

Once you’ve had your eyes examined by your optometrist Halifax, you’ll want to shop for glasses. Everyone’s face is different, but faces are typically categorized into one of seven basic shapes:

  • oval
  • square
  • round
  • triangle
  • heart
  • oblong
  • diamond

Certain face shapes work best with certain frame shapes, so determine your face shape before you begin shopping. For example, a person with a square face would do best to look at frames with curves that can help soften the face. Heart-shaped faces are widest at the eyes, so lightweight frames can help minimize the wide appearance. Those with oval faces are lucky enough to be able to wear nearly any shape of frame.

Face Coloring

The color of your glasses frames will interact with your personal coloring, and some combinations are more appealing than others. First determine whether your skin tone and hair color are cool — having blue or pink undertones — or warm — having yellow or orange undertones. The color tone of your frames should match that of your face. Choosing the right glasses color can also help highlight your eyes. Generally, blue eyes are brought out by frames in the brown family, and brown eyes by blue frames. Those with green eyes can make them pop by choosing purple frames.

Personal Aesthetics

No matter what the experts say, you want your glasses to send the right message about you. If you’re looking for something professional and serious, consider wire framed glasses. If you’d like to be more playful with your glasses, look at bright colors and fun shapes, such as cat-eye frames.

Glasses can be a great way to accessorize your look. Be sure to consider the best shape and color for your face, then have fun trying on a few frames to see what works.

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