How to choose the best IT recruitment firm for your staffing needs


Before a person joins an organization, he/she meets at least one person from the Human Resources (HR) department. The HR team is the one that is responsible for planning & executing tasks related to recruitment, employee onboarding, talent retention, etc. Lean thinking is used in manufacturing organizations for many years.  To put it very simple, Lean Methodology is a process whose sole objective is to improve efficiency.

Lean principles are widely used in IT organizations as it results in improved coordination and increased productivity. Since the last couple of years, large organizations have started applying the Lean methodologies to the HR department as well. The agenda is to focus on the big picture rather than looking at the day-to-day measurables. 

The HR team strives to create more value for the organization with fewer in-house resources. They continually look at improvements that can be done to the HR processes, especially those that look more one-sided or bureaucratic in nature.

As the primary job of the HR team is staffing & recruitment, the leaner HR team identifies potential recruitment partners or recruitment firms in India that not only provide staffing solutions but can add more value to the growth of their organization. Firms like ManpowerGroup are not only the leading recruitment consultants in India but they also have an umbrella of services that can be beneficial to their clients.

The HR team also evaluates possibilities of executing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where a strategic staffing partner like ManpowerGroup will assist the team in building the best HR practices. The advantage of RPO is that the team from an IT recruitment firm will be seated in the client’s location and guide them in every aspect related to Human Resources (HR).

Staffing specialists from firms like ManpowerGroup have extensive experience with multiple clients hence; they are in a much better position to help the in-house HR teams. They have industry connects that can help in IT staffing/IT recruitment and are considered to be ‘expert negotiators’. Negotiation is an important skill that any person who does recruitment should possess.

When looking for IT recruitment firms in India, companies should evaluate the recruitment firm from a long-term perspective since a short-term perspective may not show gains in the long run. The HR and management team has to go through a complete cycle of shortlisting the recruitment consultants in India which can be a tedious task. Hence, it is always advisable that IT recruitment firms are evaluated keeping a big picture in mind.

With the growth of IT, there has been a rapid demand for skilled employees. This has also encouraged many smaller IT recruitment firms in India to change their business model so that the focus is not only on staffing but on all the areas related to HR functions of the client. Though they change the business model, the fact is that their executives lack experience when it comes to areas other than staffing.

On the other hand, a firm like ManpowerGroup not only supports the HR team with staffing but also helps the firm with the following:

  • Employee retention
  • Leadership training
  • Campus recruitment
  • Outplacement services
  • Career management consulting

All these services not only empower the HR team but also empower each & every employee as the focus is laid on the growth & development of the employees.


When it comes to staffing and recruitment, organizations should evaluate potential vendors from a long-term perspective. It is important to partner with a leader in innovative workforce solutions as it will fetch fruitful results for the business.

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