How to maintain balance and mental health in quarantine

Every change generates a series of discomforts and problems such as anxiety, stress, where concerns can arise with more intensity. The break-in routine impacts our financial life, schedules, customs, and in matters of community health, the concern is even greater. 

Thus, maintaining health and mental balance is a complex exercise that requires caution, discipline, and responsibility. If anxiety and stress dominate your body, you will hardly be able to get creative and get out of the worry zone to keep your home and work in place. In today’s blog, we have separated some essential tips for you to take care of your health at home! Make use of this online therapy guide for more treatment.

Avoid excessive information

Information is an important source of trust and care, but excess can harm our mental health. We are in the age of communications, where people share, write, and disseminate false data, or do not have any type of filter. 

Thousands of surveys have been carried out, few have been completed, and many of them are on the radio, television, and the Internet. Consuming all that amount can further increase your anxiety about the period we are living in. So take the time to completely disconnect from the media and filter only what you need. Rest your mind and body!

Catch up on financial planning

If you’ve never had time to organize and be methodical with your monthly financial planning, this is a good time. Turning to you, understanding what needs to change in your routine, in spending, learning to save money, and keeping up with finances, is good for reducing anxiety and stress with home bills! Take advantage of this moment to create consumer awareness.

Eat well

Our diet has a very significant impact on our mental health. A recent study by Unicamp showed that people who have a diet rich in vegetables and without processed throughout the day, tend to reduce their risk of depression by up to 35%. People who eat a diet based on excessive alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine tend to be more anxious. 

Living in a period that causes us anxiety is already bad, imagine maintaining a diet that worsens these symptoms? Take the time to rethink your food and consume more consciously to hydrate your body. Also, try to drink plenty of water to improve your immune system.

Talk a lot with people at a distance

Maintaining and strengthening the bonds of friendship during the quarantine is essential for us to occupy our heads with productivity and affection! Knowing that even though some people are going through the same situation, helps to keep us safe and confident to face the routine. So i

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