How to Shoot – Grip Tips in Sports Shooting

We know that to shoot you need precision, care, techniques and responsibility. Although it seems obvious, these points can be explored in a way that helps us in the day to day shooting sport.

Each practitioner of the sport develops their own characteristics over time in the practical shooting, each one starts to have insights that facilitate his grip, making the moment of shooting more comfortable and safe, however, we have some valuable tips for those who want to become professional in the sport and guarantee a good performance in any type of event. Check it out below:

Learn how to distinguish a revolver from a semi-automatic rifle

The traditional revolver is the weapon that the cowboys used in the films of the old wild west, and this one has a drum to deposit the bullets. A semi-automatic rifle, on the other hand, operates with a slide mechanism and an ammunition magazine. The AR 15 magazine loader is a key part of a rifle.

How do these weapons work?

The revolvers operate with a cylinder to load the ammunition. It is necessary to place the ammunition in this cylinder and remove the empty cases after being fired. After each ammo largo fl is fired, the cylinder rotates to align the next ammo to be fired.

A semi-automatic rifle, on the other hand, feeds each ammunition from the magazine and takes it into the chamber. After being fired, the empty capsule is ejected.

Safety tips

  • Wear safety equipment: protect your ears and eyes.
  • Earplugs will protect against the noise of gunshots. Goggles are used to protect the eyes from gunpowder residues, hot gases and lead particles that are expelled by the weapon at the time of shooting.
  • Always handle the weapon responsibly.
  • Always keep the gun pointing downwards. Always shoot from a short distance or in accordance with the safety rules of the shooting club to which you belong.

It is common to see people in training pointing the gun to the side while preparing the weapon. Many beginners find it difficult to pull the slide using only their thumb and index finger, especially when the gun has a hard spring.

This increases the number of possible incidents during training, so it is important to pay attention to this detail and avoid such positioning.

Whenever you handle a weapon, make sure it is loaded. For ammo, be sure to obtain one of the best ammo; 5.56 ammo for handguns, and 228 ammo which is actually 223 ammo, for rifles.
In any case, it is necessary to check the weapon, either in an armament store, when reusing the weapon, in training at the club or if you have just unloaded it, this is a safety measure that can avoid unforeseen events.

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