How to Use HUAWEI Band 5 When Swimming

Swimming is a very good exercise. Many people like to go to swimming pools, especially in summer. Swimming is a good way to relieve summer heat and lose weight. If you want to achieve the goal of fitness through swimming, you should learn to swim scientifically. On the basis of learning, targeted training can achieve the goal of fitness. By monitoring body data through HUAWEI Band 5 and adjusting training methods, can swimming have more fitness effect.

The design of HUAWEI Band 5 can replace private swimming coaches. It provides the data analysis for swimmers. It makes in-depth exercise plans. This is according to the physical conditions of swimmers. Targeted training is the purpose of swimming and fitness. For swimmers with HUAWEI Band 5, they must make good use of HUAWEI Band 5. So they can become personal trainers on our wrists.

Before swimming, swimmers need to warm up. They need to run and stretch their muscles. HONOR Band 5 is equipped with an advanced running planner. It can provide comprehensive data tracking and display. When we warm up, we can see our exercise time. We can see the heart rate, distance, stride frequency, speed and calories. Professional data can ensure our warm-up before swimming. We can make an in-depth training plan through HONOR Band 5. Otherwise, it is easy to cause muscle convulsions when swimming.

Through warm-up preparation, swimmers can train as planned. At this time, HUAWEI Band 5 carries its own six-axis sensor. They can identify the main four swimming postures. For example, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Through HUAWEI Band 5, we can monitor our swimming distance, record speed, calories and SWOLF scores. Through data analysis, swimming training will be improved to different levels. It is like having the guidance of a personal trainer.

HUAWEI Band 5 realizes high-precision reading and infrared technology. This is through AI-driven algorithm. Supported by TruSeen3.0 system, HUAWEI Band 5 can provide heart rate detection for each athlete. Data monitoring is accurate. HUAWEI Band 5 can switch the dial. Everyone can switch the dial according to their needs in different occasions. Swimmers can set the dial to a sports. It has a good visual experience underwater. It is worth mentioning that the HUAWEI Band 5 is waterproof up to 50M. The stand-by time can be up to 14 days.

If you want to achieve the goal of swimming and fitness, you must be equipped with intelligent electronic products. This is to make sports effective through professional data analysis. HUAWEI Band 5 is a scientific and technological product. It is prepared for sports and fitness. Only by using it in the right way can it achieve the fitness.

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