I Almost Lost it When My Food Processor Broke

Picture this, if you will: it’s a few weeks from Christmas, and I’m at my wit’s end. The kids have holiday jitters PLUS zoom fatigue, which means that school is basically a nightmare. My husband and I are struggling to work from home. Even the dog is on edge these days. To make matters worse, we’ve decided not to have our usual holiday party this year (because of COVID), so everyone is feeling sad on top of feeling stressed and tired.

Doesn’t seem like the right time to try and bake a pie, does it?

And yet, this was the situation I was in when I decided to bake a holiday treat for my kids and husband. I grabbed my ingredients, set up the food processor, and got ready to start making the dough… when the bowl cover slipped out of my hand and broke. 

Let me tell you, I almost cried. In the midst of this weird, isolating year, when everyone in my home was feeling their absolute worst, I couldn’t even make them some dessert for a little comfort! Luckily, my husband was there to help me deal with my frustration, and he quickly suggested we find a replacement cover online. 

I started my search expecting to find only used covers that either didn’t work with my machine or were in pretty sorry condition — so you can imagine my surprise when one of the first sites that showed up in my search was Kitchen Works USA. Their food processor covers were new, straight from the Cuisinart warehouse, and they were in great condition! Once I identified my food processor model number (Kitchen Works provided information on how to find it), I was able to shop for bowls, covers, blades, and anything else I might need for my machine. 

The ordering process was quick and easy, and the price for my replacement cover was far better than I’d expect to find on most other sites. Best of all, Kitchen Works quick fulfillment and shipping meant that I got my new cover in just about a week! I was able to finally make a tasty treat for my family — and let me tell you, taking that pie out of the oven was like Christmas coming early!

And Kitchen Works USA doesn’t JUST offer Cuisinart Food processor parts. Their store has tons of high-quality kitchen tools, from espresso makers (and replacement parts) to seasonal decor for your table. All their products are top-quality, and all their prices are low — which makes them perfect for families on a budget!

In a weird year like 2020, I have really come to appreciate the special things we can do to help one another. Kitchen Works helped make the process of replacing a kitchen tool easy and affordable for me, so that I could make a special dessert for the people I care about most. 

Check out Kitchen Works USA today. I’m sure they’ll have something that’s perfect for your kitchen!

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