Importance of good dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is connected with the overall health of a person. It is not only about good looks and confidence. The carelessness of oral hygiene leads to bigger problems than self-esteem issues and unpleasant smiles. Decay and infection can risk the health conditions of the patient. Seeking proper and punctual treatments from certified clinics like West Ryde Dental Clinic will protect the overall health.

How is oral health connected with overall health?

The mouth is one of the most important organs to be taken care of as it is the entry point of every microorganism. Since it is connected with the digestive and respiratory tracts, bacteria stuck in the mouth will reach the entire body.

Bacteria could be controlled by taking simple precautions like daily brushing, mouth washing and flossing. When the person fails to take good oral health care, these bacteria cause oral infections like tooth decay and other gum diseases. There is some natural defence by mouth to maintain oral hygiene. One among them is the production of saliva. Saliva not only washed away food but also counteracted the acids generated by microbes in the mouth. This helps in the protection from multiple oral diseases. A challenge for this natural protector is certain medications that reduce its flow. Medications like diuretics, antidepressants and decongestants are some of them.

Research suggests that diseases like periodontitis are associated with several severe diseases. It also leads to premature birth in pregnant women.  Also, diabetes and HIV/AIDS could make the oral problems worse as the patients’ body resistance becomes low. Some bacteria are dangerous enough to cause heart disease. Bacteria in gum disease can cause clogged arteries or stroke.

These are the connections that should be taken care of. Dental hygiene should be the primary focus.

How to protect oral health?

Only practising good oral hygiene daily could prevent the worst conditions.

1)It is mandatory to brush the teeth at least twice a day. Remember to mouthwash after flossing. Take care of the equipment used for cleaning. Use a soft-bristled brush and quality floss. Replace the toothbrush every four months. Fluoride toothpaste won’t harm the enamel of the teeth.

2)Limit artificial sugar content in the menu. Follow a healthy diet.

3) Regular dental checkups with efficient dentists like those in the West Ryde Dental Clinic will reduce the oral risks.

4) Avoid the use of tobacco which causes discolouration of teeth.

When is the right time to make an appointment with a dentist?

There is no wrong time to seek the help of the dentist and a valid medical opinion. Any checkups at any time could do good only. There is no option but to consult a dentist if the patient experiences pain and bleeding in the gums, ulcers that are not healing, inside and out swelling of the mouth and change in the colour of the tooth and gum. Serious conditions like mouth cancer have similar symptoms which are mentioned. These indications should be taken care of with seriousness.

Oral hygiene in children

Like in adults, teeth should be maintained healthy to prevent infection and other serious diseases. Clean the teeth regularly to prevent cavities. Use a clean cloth or baby toothbrushes in the earlier stage. Use fluoride toothpaste only at the age of two. Healthy food, fewer chocolates and sweet drinks and proper and regular dental checkups provide pleasant and healthy smiles.

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