Is a head tremor serious?

When we talk about head tremor (kepala bergetar), we might be thinking that this condition is very serious because it involves our brain. Brain is the most important organ for a person because it controls almost everything inside our body. So, when there is a tremor happening around the brain, obviously the condition can be quite serious if it is not treated early. Usually, people that experience head tremor just for a while does not indicate a serious condition and no treatment is usually needed. However, it is a different story if your head tremor is permanently there and does not go away at all. In fact, it can be considered as very serious if the tremor keeps on getting worse and worse. However, there might be a chance that the condition can be corrected if it is treated early. In this article, we will discuss some of the common causes of head tremor and tell you whether the condition is serious or not. Below are four of the common causes of head tremor.

  1. Essential tremor

As the name suggests, this is a usually harmless tremor. This type of brain tremor can happen to anyone, but usually affect the elderly more than the others. As was mentioned before, it is usually harmless. However, some people reported that the condition can become worse. If it comes to this, it means that it tends to be serious and needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you think you are having an essential tremor and your condition is getting worse every day, it is recommended for you to quickly go and meet your doctor so that he or she can diagnose your condition immediately. Remember, your quick action might save your own life.

  1. Head trauma

Head trauma or head injury can be defined as any injury that happens to the head. Usually, any injury that involves a strong force to the skull can give a serious head trauma. These conditions are usually seen in car accidents and also falling episodes. Usually, a potentially serious head trauma can cause head tremor for weeks. People that had a head trauma episode need to meet their doctor and go for a checkup as soon as possible in order to look at the extent of the injury. If it is very serious, your doctor might need to suggest a suitable treatment. But, if it is not that serious, then your doctor will ask you to rest until the head tremor goes away.

  1. Parkinson disease

This disease is known as the elderly disease since it mostly affects the older age group. It is usually mistaken with an essential tremor because the symptoms are quite the same. However, Parkinson’s disease can be differentiated by some additional symptoms such as general tremor and also forgetfulness. Patients with Parkinson’s disease will need a lifetime medication. Besides that, they also need proper palliative care in order to help them live their life to the fullest.

  1. Head tumor

This one is a frightening disease because it involves the brain. We all know that the brain is the center of everything. So, if anything happens to it, there is a high chance that it will become very serious. People with brain tumors will have symptoms such as headache, head tremor, vision problem, gait problem and also speech difficulties. If it is not treated early, it will possess a greater health problem. Usually, this tumor can be treated with a combination of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also surgery.

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