Managing Isolation During the Recuperation Period

For persons in recovery from substance misuse, boredom and self-isolation are common triggers. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated this to a higher priority than it was previously. Many persons in recovery have been cut off from their support groups, counselors, and other treatment programs due to the rapid development of shelter-in-place orders around the country.

Tips for Coping with Isolation While Recovering from Addiction:

  1. You can utilize the internet to keep in touch with your support groups, sponsors, and counselors.

It’s critical to keep strong links with your sponsor, support group, and counselor to achieve long-term recovery. If your interactions, and hence your connection, develop and evolve, your relationship may alter as well. Because you won’t have as many social commitments to hold you accountable, you’ll have to be more proactive. Maintaining these interactions is critical for your recovery to continue in isolation and avoid relapse.

  1. Contact your network of people who can assist you.

During this epidemic, it is more crucial than ever for people to stay connected and rely on support systems to help one another. It is not a sign of weakness to seek help during these trying times.

Make contact with the people who can help you. Staying clean can be difficult at times, and you never know what your friends are thinking, so staying in touch daily could mean the difference between relapsing and staying sober.

  1. Use the Internet to plan and attend social gatherings.

You can now contact your friends through a variety of digital channels. You can communicate with your friends at any moment through video conferencing. Together, you can also watch Netflix, play a game, or simply speak and hang out.

  1. Maintain a healthy and active way of life.

It’s simpler to deal with your triggers when you take care of yourself. Keeping your body and mind in good form by eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly will help you manage loneliness.

When you stay healthy, you can act instead of reacting when you are experiencing any emotions. You’ll be able to keep your emotions under control and avoid lapses or relapses.

  1. Expand your knowledge.

You’ve definitely overheard celebrities, coworkers, or acquaintances discuss how they plan to use this time to achieve their goals or finally finish that one item they’ve been putting off their entire life. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to do the same. That’s fantastic, in my opinion! Now that we have a lot of free time on our hands, we can do pretty much whatever we want with it.

To learn something new, you don’t need to enroll in a college course, practice acro yoga, or learn calligraphy. It’s as simple as learning a new recipe. Change up your workout routine. Read a book you never expected to enjoy.

Trying something new will help you stay focused and excite your mind if you’re having trouble with these strange periods.

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