Matching couple’s clothes that won’t look awkward

I am willing to bet that at least once in your lifetime, you saw a couple on the street that was wearing a pair of horrible matching “King” and “Queen” T-shirts (no offense to those wearing them). If you happen to be in the demographic that wears such clothes, let me explain the reason behind my choice of words there: while I understand the pleasure the motives that stand behind wearing matching outfits, I also consider that there are more subtle and positively impactful ways of showing them. So, grab your wallets, because I am going to give you a shortlist of three items that you can match with your loved one and will look cute while doing it too.


Yes, it may sound simple and too small at first, but think about it: say you are visiting some close friends together. You get inside their house, greet them, take your shoes off, walk to the living room and what do you know? They will be stunned to see how cute you guys look in your matching pairs of socks. They will definitely want to try doing that too. The quirkier the pattern on the socks, the better! Bonus points if you both like the same things. For example, in Star Wars: one of you can get Jedi socks, and the other can go for the Sith ones. If you want to put the cherry on top of the cake, if you have socks with different patterns, you can even exchange one sock, so it will be even funnier and adorable when people notice! Too bad if you wear different sizes though, but in that case, you can just buy two pairs of each pattern. All in all, socks: amazing idea, awaiting your impeccable execution.

Aran sweaters

If you do, however, want something more noticeable, yet not that flashy as the shirts mentioned in the beginning, the Aran jumpers are one hundred percent the way to go. These timeless classics are elegant, cozy, affordable, and last but not least, can be easily matched with every other clothing item you have in your closet! On top of that, it has an amazing history, with which you can captivate your audience wherever you go. If you are too lazy to go to for further research, it’s perfectly fine, I’m here to tell you the story behind these wonderful sweaters. For that, we have to go back to the Aran Islands, on the western coast of Ireland, somewhere at the end of the 19th century. Usually designed in an off-white color, these garments were originally hand-crafted by the women of the islands for their fishermen husbands, so as to withstand the hardships of the cold, damp sea. The special type of unscoured wool they crafted these sweaters from, namely the Merino wool, used to contain a certain oil, called lanolin, which made said sweaters water resistant. They could absorb quite the large amounts of water, while also keeping the men of the sea dry and warm. But the thing that differentiates these sweaters from others is the intricate series of patterns and designs used for their crafting. This is what makes this item perfect for a couple: it is said that different types of stitches (cable stitch, honeycomb stitch, zig-zag stitch, diamond stitch, etc.) would be used to represent different clans that inhabited the island. So not only will you look good in these sweaters, but other people will also be able to tell the fact that you two are together if any of you gets lost somewhere. You can just say “I’m looking for the other person wearing this specific stitch!”, and people will find your loved one right away! If this convinced you to buy a pair of Aran sweaters for you and your loved one, I have the solution for you: you can find Irish sweaters online at Tara Irish Clothing or other Irish sweater online stores.


It is very common for people to wear matching bracelets, and it hits every spot regarding this matter: they are incredibly subtle, extremely aesthetic if you know what to pair them with, and overall, cute enough for people to go “awww!” when they see them. Again, you can always capitalize on your passions, and look for some mutual interest while searching for them. Be it a TV show, a book, a type of food, a place, it can be virtually anything, as long as they are matching. You don’t want them to be too flashy though, it would ruin the subtlety element. And overall, if you choose to finish the matchy aesthetic given by the Aran sweater and the quirky socks with this, well… it most definitely is a surefire victory!

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