Menorca’s MUST DO’S for any season!

Information is essential when we choose a place to spend time; be it for a short weekend getaway, or for a complete holiday season, it is always important to know what are the things that we can do during our stay.

Whether the trip is made up of adults only, or they are family groups with children, Menorca offers options for each of these cases, so in this article we will share with you some of the best Do’s when visiting the island.

Menorca’s inviting views are just unique!

Although when thinking about the Balearic Islands these are rather associated with a summer holiday season, the truth is that the privileged location of these islands provides them with a mild and privileged climate most of the year. While the water temperatures in the winter can deter visitors from swimming in them, the truth is that the climate is still mild enough to offer a warm escape to other rather colder climates commonly found in these latitudes even inside of Spain

Definitely one of the must-do during a visit to Menorca is the Montaña del Toro. It is an especially good place to visit on the first day of arriving on the island, since it is the best place to have a fairly complete panoramic view. You have to remember that the island is not very big, and especially if you have a rental car (easy to find with searches such as rent a car Menorca) it does not take almost any time to reach the highest part.

For visitors looking forward to feel unique experiences, visiting Cova d’en Xoroi is another must do while staying in Menorca. Made up of a network of caves in the island’s cliffs, this bar and restaurant offers an experience that mixes luxury and comfort during the day, along with one of the best and most VIP clubbing experiences at night.

For those looking to soak up the local culture and experience for a brief moment what it feels like to live on the island, you should definitely visit either Ciutadella or Mahon (or maybe both). Depending on which of the two is closer to your place of accommodation (or if you are directly staying in one of them), both cities are full of spectacular streets, places to enjoy outdoor meals or markets that help you become familiar with the local gastronomy.

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