Mobile Apps or Website: The Infamous Online Dilemma Solved

This is a question that both businesses and their market are asking. For a business, this would come out when its people are trying to figure out how they would like to establish the presence of the business or its organization. To the market, it’s a matter of which platform is more reliable or better when it comes to accessibility.

To some, this may be an easy question answer as they could argue that mobile apps are just way better and they aren’t coming from anywhere. Mobile apps are in demand because of how big the market is. Today, there are already over 5.2 billion mobile users around the world. When it comes to internet users, 51 percent are using their mobile devices and 49 percent are using their desktops.

We are already in a mobile era and it seems like it will be a long one. With the number of mobile users today, however, the demand for better mobile apps is high and thankfully, many industries are giving in. E-commerce platforms are continuously making their apps better. The same goes for gambling companies too.

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Mobile App Supremacy

Aside from the fact that we are already in the mobile era, there are a lot of great reasons why people are starting to prefer the use of mobile apps. Personalization has to be one of the great reasons why both businesses and the market are into the usage of mobile apps.

When a person installs an app on their device, it could recognize this person’s interest, location, usage behavior, and more. This way, the communication, and content that they get to suit their needs better. We do get that people are concerned about their privacy every time they download a mobile app and thankfully smartphones allow us to only give certain permissions on what data can be accessed by these apps. This isn’t something that you can do when visiting a website.

Mobile apps are also good when it comes to sending updates and notifications. Since the internet, people have been dependent on emails to receive newsletters or updates about any product and service. However, people are no longer that interested in online newsletters because there are businesses that tend to abuse this channel. And so, newsletter sign-ups are not as popular today as it was back then.

Now, mobile apps can notify their users based on their preferences and this is what many would rather have. Online notifications can easily be annoying but many mobile apps have the settings for this. People get to curate the updates and notifications they prefer receiving. It’s a less intrusive way of being notified.

While everyone seems to be online these days, the reality is that we can’t always be online. Downloading mobile apps can let you play games, work offline, or even do research when needed. This is something that you can’t do a lot if you have a desktop and can only browse on websites. A laptop or desktop is just not as useful when it’s offline.


The behavior of the consumers today has evolved a lot and many of us are always attracted to on-demand services. This is why every time a new product or service comes out, questions like how do I get that with my smartphone or is it on Android or iOS pop out.

The truth is that many people rely on their mobile devices so much these days. We no longer just use our phones to make a call or send messages. We do so many things with it like shopping, gaming, banking, and even paying the bills.

It’s no wonder why people are quick to say that mobile apps are better. They are in today’s time. It may have been a different story over five years ago but today, many industries are ensuring that they continuously develop their mobile apps. Businesses are continuously learning about the preferences of mobile users and this is why they constantly meet what the mobile consumers need. Overall, mobile apps are convenient and enable on-the-go features that many of us need.

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