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Ground staff jobs or the ground staff work typically for the aviation industry, where they have a lot of various roles and responsibilities that they have to fulfill. These responsibilities include ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers while they board the plane and during the journey too. It might seem to be a really fascinating job but at the same time, it is challenging too. Tasking care of each and every passenger could be hard because we know every individual has their own temperament and dealing with such individuals could be sometimes frustrating too. But if you have a way with people then and you know you can tackle them then this is just the job for you.

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But then the question arises what are the key roles and responsibilities of a ground staff because it is important to know the job roles before you make your mind to pursue this as a career.

So, below is the brief job description of ground staff jobs profile that can give you a little knowledge about the responsibilities that a person has to fulfill in this job.

Responsibilities of professionals working as ground staff at airport

  • As a ground staff, they have to attend the customers from the time they board the flight to the time of their departure
  • They need to be always on their toes to meet the passenger’s needs and requirements.
  • They also have to answer the queries and look out for the concerns that the passengers might have.
  • Along with helping the passengers they also have to work at the ticket counter.
  • Helping in the reservation of the seats.

Eligibility  Criteria:

There is no such particular qualification needed to pursue your career in this field. But the person must have at least passed his/her high school and has to be in the age between 18 to 27 to apply for this job. This criterion is really important as they have to deal with several people and to understand and act accordingly it is necessary to have certain primary education. The person must be really confident in his/her approach.

Required Skillset:

Even if there is no need to have a high qualification, people in this field need to have a good command over a language, for example, English along with the regional language of the place. It is important to know a couple of languages to create a bond with the passengers.


Though this seems to be an easy job, in reality, it is not. There are so many crucial situations that the ground staff has to deal with, which can be difficult for any other person but the staff does it really well because they undergo rigorous training and sessions which make them prepare for any situation that may come.

Therefore the salary is according to these criteria. In India, for a fresher, it is around 35k to 40k per month. And when the person gains some experience in this field then the salary increase many folds and on an average, a person can earn up to 1 lakh.

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