Most Important Tips on The Best Way to Ship Your Motorcycle

Whether you want to take your bike to a rally or relocation, you are more bothered about the safety and security of your bike. There are options like self-drive or hiring a shipping company for your motorcycle. Sometimes, you may also need to find out ways to ship your dream bike, which is available in some other country.

There are various factors to consider like road conditions, weather, time consumption, auto insurance, state laws and most probably the incurring net cost.

Is the DIY option safe and economical?

You may feel amazed and overwhelmed with happiness and excitement of drive your own bike through the long road. It may seem adventurous to you.

However, you may not be well aware of the state laws that govern the transportation of motorcycle from one state to other. The real time update on the road and weather conditions will be insufficiently available with you. There will be a lot of wear and tear to the tires and engines. There are lots of risk factors for self-driving your motor cycle on the unknown roads.

So, it is always safe to hire a shipping company to get your motor cycle delivered to your destination.

How to select the best shipper for your motorcycle?

When choose to relocate your motorcycle through a trusted and reputed shipping company, you can rest relax for the safety and insured security of your motorcycle. You can find many shippers and brokers in the U.S.A. by an online research.

The websites of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will provide you with information like validity of shippers’ license, their service ratings, insurance policies and customer satisfaction reviews.

Based on your satisfaction and requirements, you can contact few of them for their best quotations. You can contact Ship a Car, Inc to ship a motorcycle to your required destination. For over 30 years of experience and expertise, they are considered one of the reputed shipping companies in Florida, U.S.A. They have a widespread network of shipping carriers and provide zero deductible coverage.

You can compare several quotations and insurance policies to contact a reliable, trustworthy and affordable shipper. Insurance policies are mandatorily essential thing to consider as your bike is prone to theft and in-transit damages.

What are the different options available to ship your motorcycle through a shipper?

Your shipper may offer you different quotations depending upon the modes of shipment carrier that you have selected.

Open carrier type – Your motorcycle will be loaded on an open trailer. It is cheap but prone to adverse climatic conditions and theft. When your bike is exposed to an open environment, it is obvious that the atmospheric dust, dirt and moisture will get settle down on the surfaces of your bike.

Closed carrier type – These are costly, but assures safety of your bike as it is loaded in a tight closed container.

You may also select from terminal-to-terminal or source to destination service of your choice.

Before delivering your bike, you must ensure to drain out all the fluids and remove dust and dirt off your bike. Take a few close and clear snapshots to record any pre-shipment damages on your bike. You must get a copy of inspection report signed by the driver. It will help you to claim any insurance due to damage during transportation.

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