Read To Know About Vinyl Plank Flooring

These days, vinyl plank flooring has become one of the popular choices of people due to a few good reasons. Vinyl Plank can mimic the hardwood floors and is available at a very little cost and available in several colours and pattern.

Vinyl planks are also called luxury vinyl, which is the latest form available on the market. They are not like any traditional vinyl, and the plank involves several smaller pieces that can be connected. The best thing about vinyl plank floors is that they look much better and also do not require any professional to install.

Usually, the planks can be almost 5mm thick, thus making them the thinnest flooring option. Vinyl is a completely synthetic material, and its planks are made out of multi-layer PVC vinyl prior to printing on them and covering with walkable layers.

Comparison with laminate flooring

  • Installation and reparability

689 Pty Ltdis a professional flooring company and service provider that can install such vinyl plank flooring. They can either be installed by gluing or laying them down loosely. Laminate flooring uses a click-clock system hence can easily be installed.

  • Affordability

Vinyl floors will cost much less than even laminate flooring. However, the installation cost of laminate flooring will be much less as compared to vinyl floors. However, you will get the quality as you pay hence both may not be as much long-lasting.

  • Design

Both vinyl as well as laminate flooring, can print their design and texture like any real wood type, stone, or tile whatever you want. Most of the suppliers will offer you several designs.

  • Water resistance

Any vinyl flooring can be fully waterproof and hence you can prefer vinyl planks flooring installation in bathrooms or kitchens which are usually wet areas. Laminate on the other hand is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. Some waterproof laminates are available that uses waterproof coating.

  • Durability

Both laminate and vinyl floors can be sufficiently durable, however, laminate is better to scratch and fade resistant. Laminate is also more impact resistant, hence we can say that laminate is more durable.

  • Comfort

Both laminates, as well as vinyl use, underlay, which is foam padding, and as a result, both offer enough cushion to your feet can produce less noise when someone walks over them. Vinyl as such isa quite soft material, hence it may not even need any underlay too.

  • Maintenance

Both do not need any great maintenance and with regular sweeping and mopping it is possible to maintain them well. However, you cannot apply timber floor sanding and polishing on these floors if you find any scratch or dent that you generally be doing for timber flooring material.

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