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Revamping Old Travertine Floors

Most of the walls and floors in homes can last for decades without failing the owners. Unfortunately, this kind of longevity translates to dull surfaces over the years. This happens a lot to natural stone surfaces and floors like travertine.

Such was the case with an interior designer who called us. A client, the designer, was working with was concerned about the old dull-looking travertine floors in their home. They had the floors for over two decades, and the travertine surface was slowly turning into a dull, unsightly look that no one wanted to clean. The designer thought about ripping the floors apart and replacing them with something modern and bright. Fortunately, she put a call through to us a second opinion was needed.

It is not always a good idea to rip off old travertine floors. Have professionals like Biz Floors come to inspect and determine the possibility of saving the old floors. You may be surprised at how much you can save by transforming the old floors into something new.

In this case, the designer was surprised at the suggestion of changing the old travertine finish to a honed/polished look to match the rest of the interior. This worked perfectly without denting the budget of the entire project. In the end, both the designer and client were happy with the professional changes to the flooring. All this happened at an affordable rate too.

What Makes it Possible to Paly Aroudn with Travertine Surfaces?

  • Travertine is very responsive, thanks to the formation. This is a natural limestone stone that architects and designers can play around with t get the perfect look.
  • The stone is unique and porous, traits it receives from the formation process it undergoes.
  • The color variations make travertine excellent for interiors. Designers can choose different colors and finishes for specific areas around the house without worrying about the outcome. They will always look fantastic.
  • The tile pieces are constantly trimmed and easy to fit in different areas. This explains why they can work on walls, floors, countertops, among other surfaces.
  • They are versatile and work for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The key is to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Travertine is softer and easier to clean. However, professional cleaning and maintenance are recommended to ensure quality is not compromised.

Considering the nature of travertine on surfaces, it is always a good idea to check whether it can be salvaged. Get a sample of the stone from the garage and thoroughly inspect it. If the wear is not severe and irredeemable, have professionals that deal with travertine come in and restore it. Sometimes it needs a thorough cleaning and polishing to give it a modern touch of class. Changing floors is not a cheap affair. Therefore, anything that promises to spare you this expense should be welcomed.

If you decide to give your travertine floors a chance, call us to help you. We will also assist with regular maintenance and cleaning after restoration.

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