Sports Injuries and Other Reasons to go to the Ortho Doctor

Many people see orthopedic doctors as dealing mainly with joint replacements or other issues involving the joints. Orthopedic doctors have a wide knowledge of issues related to muscles, their attached tendons, and overall joint structures. With this expertise, orthopedic surgeons are a mainstay in the athletic world. Most of the professional teams’ doctors have a background in orthopedic as they deal with many sports-related injuries.

Complications within the joint can be shown as a variety of cataracts symptoms. Whether it is a minor sprain or a major tear, the body has ways of showing that something is not wrong. For major injuries, inflammation and pain are common initially which can then lead to the overall instability of the joint. Over time, pain can be persistent and be accompanied by instability and decreased range of motion and strength of the joint or muscle. These symptoms can come from an overuse injury or from a single instance. Most of the time people will notice them more when they have a distinct moment they knew an injury occurred.

Numerous times people hear of the dreaded ACL tear in the knee. This being a somewhat common injury that occurs in high contact sports that involve multi-directional movements that are associated with popular events, it is one that is highly publicized. The damages done within the joint whenever there is a ligament injury can cause long term complications if gone untreated. This is common with shoulder issues. One common shoulder injury is issues related to the rotator cuff, which is composed of four muscles around that shoulder that stabilize it. Small tears or strains can happen and go undetected for some time, being written off as general soreness or old age. Treatment received from general orthopedics can not only improve the joint itself, but that can relay into the improvement of regular daily activities as well. Orthopedic physicians are well versed in issues with the knee, shoulder, wrist, back, and other musculoskeletal areas of concern.

Joint and muscle issues are not solely related to sports injuries, meaning that orthopedic doctors can be beneficial for many other issues. One of the most common issues that the population will come across is arthritis. Nearly everyone knows someone dealing with this issue, and it is a common reason for someone to visit an orthopedic doctor. This is not an issue that comes from an acute incident but comes on overtime. General orthopedics is a great way for a patient to see what possible treatment options are available to assist with their symptoms.

Another issue that can be treated by an orthopedic physician is scoliosis. This is an abnormal curvature of the spine and is either a genetic condition a patient is born with or one that occurs over time as bone density decreases. Scoliosis is typically monitored to detect increasing curvatures and treated with bracing or surgery. This is a very complex surgery that is done by general orthopedics to lessen the damage.

Orthopedic physicians have shown to be an asset to the medical field by having expert knowledge of how the body moves and should function normally. They have the ability to help those dealing with everyday issues that can improve quality of life. It does not have to be a major sports injury to get in to see an orthopedic physician, so there is no need to keep dealing with constant pain. If there is an issue from the feet up, there is something that an orthopedic can do to help out.

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