STD Test at Home – Should You Take a STD Test?

STD testing is not necessarily part of your annual visit to your gynecologist or pelvic exam. It is up to you to if you are a potential risk for STDs, and then you need to find out what STD testing options you have. Be as honest as possible with your doctor or nurse about your sexual history, so that they can advise you on which tests would best suit you. Below is some important information about STD testing that you should know. The best place to get a STD Test is at this site.

A lot of people assume that they will get tested for STDs at their doctors’ office, but that is rarely the case. If you go to the doctor for an STD, he may decide to schedule an appointment for a simple physical exam and to do a few STD tests, or he may send you for a more extensive STD examination. Either way, you should get tested at the first prenatal visit and then again in the third trimester and in the fourth. You should also be advised by your doctor if you are at risk for certain types of cancers, and you should be screened for HIV if you have it. If you are planning a pregnancy, you should be screened for HIV, as well.

There are many STD blood tests that your doctor can do. These STD blood tests can tell you if you have certain types of infections, such as syphilis or genital warts. You may be advised a test for STD hepatitis B if you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B before. Your doctors can also recommend a STD test for you if you plan to become pregnant. Syphilis and genital warts are treatable with antibiotics, and if you have one of these infections, your chances of passing them on to your partner are much smaller.

There are other STD tests that your doctor can recommend for you, depending on your symptoms and the results of your urine testing. For example, genital herpes does not require any special laboratory testing, and you won’t need a blood test to tell if you have it. You may, however, be advised a test for antibodies against the herpes virus. These antibodies are usually present in those who have had previous outbreaks, but do not indicate an active infection. Because this is one of the only reliable ways to determine if you have herpes, people who think they may have herpes should get a regular STD test.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend STD testing for both you and your partner. This is especially true if either person has a prior sexually transmitted disease. In addition, your doctor may recommend STD testing for anyone who you intend to conceive, since HIV has been shown to lead to fertility problems. The best way to learn if you and your partner are healthy and have no existing health conditions is to get both checked out.

Many people choose to undergo an STD test at home instead of going to a STD clinic, because they want privacy and don’t want to have to take time out of their busy lives to go to a clinic for STD testing or to have a Pap smear done. Unfortunately, STD testing at home sometimes doesn’t turn up the results that people are looking for. You may also be offered a variety of treatment options, from prescription drugs to over-the-counter medications and in some cases, you may be encouraged to see a sexually transmitted infections clinic for treatment. If you decide to seek treatment, you should know that most STD clinics offer several different types of treatment, from medication to natural remedies. Be sure to choose an STD treatment center that can provide both medication and alternative treatments for you and your partner.

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