The Advantages of Pier and Beam Foundations

The foundation is one of the most crucial steps of constructing a building. It determines the strength of a structure. Back in the day before the growth of the slab technology, most homes were elevated using pier and beam. 

Although these kinds of foundations are not as common, they are still the norm in some states. Areas that experience a lot of flooding and rain consider these over slabs. 

In this article, we discuss more pier and beam. And the perks of pier and beam foundation.

Pier and beam foundations are a crawl space kind of foundation where the house gets built on a foundation elevated from the ground. With this, there is no basement but a space to crawl inside the house for repairs. 

The perks of pier and beam foundations


  • Accessibility and Ease


As mentioned above, this foundation type is constructed in a way that there is some space present under the house. Since the building’s ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing systems get fitted inside, changing and doing repairs is effortless. 

With other foundation types such as slabs, the entire slab needs replacement when any repairs need to get done. These additional construction works are very costly in the long run. 


  • Termite control


Pier and beam foundations are resistant to termite attacks. That is because the house gets elevated, leaving no room for termite invasion on your building’s foundation. In case termites find their way on the piers and beams, they can easily get spotted. And measures are taken to get rid of them. 

With other kinds of foundations, it may be challenging to spot insect infestation due to infestation. 


  • The repair and change of foundation are effortless and economical


As far as foundations are concerned, pier and beams are some of the most affordable. With this kind of formation, remodeling can get effortlessly done without necessarily removing the foundation. 

With repairs and maintenance, pier and beams are more affordable.


  • Suitable for varying settings


Another advantage of pier and beams is that they allow for construction in a place where other slab types cannot get built. When the building is affected by tree roots, steep slopes, water or soil conditions, erecting a slab is not a challenge. 


  • Water will not affect your primary structure.


With pier and beams, there is no worry that water will come in direct contact with your building. That is because the primary structure is located a few meters away. With pier and beams, air effortlessly circulates under the house. That helps to keep rot and mildew away. 


  • Excavation costs are less.


Excavation costs with pier and beams are much affordable. When you compare concrete slabs and a full basement foundation, their excavation can be costly. 


  • Mobility


Generally speaking, homes with pier and beam foundations can be moved effortlessly compared to those made of concrete slabs. That allows you to save on time and money in the long run. Also, these foundations are durable and do shift if the soil is overly damp.


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