It is very common for all Indians to watch interesting movies that satisfy their expectations. The demand and requirement of a common man viewing films are satiated by the film producers and directors. There is a lot of difference between yesteryear directors, producers, and actors when compared to present people. Many differences are noted if we closely observe the films of olden days with the present days. The sharp direction skills, acting capability, movie-making features, and post-production work are entirely different nowadays when compared. The cartoon films are not so famous in those days, but now these animated films are very popular thanks to the development of technology. The ahaott facility makes the film watching people more flexible in their favorite films.

If we analyze and consider the best Telugu animated movies there are many cartoon films that come to our mind. Kids usually love watching Bheem and Krisha movies a lot whenever they have time. Online watching films is an exclusive activity of the audience nowadays and there are many online platforms that are available for these films. Online watching has become a very easy feature or task for young people and so the frequency of watching is increased. Many cartoon films are now earning a lot of money to film producers. The distributors are interested in screening the animated movies for the sake of kids’ purposes. These films are screened, especially during holiday times.

The trend of watching online movies is not the same at present as it is changing every now and then. The reason is that the kids and other viewers taste has been changing. One time, the viewers loved only short films like cartoon movies and after they started viewing lengthy films like usual films of their heroes. So, the moviemakers are closely watching the attitude of the audience, and accordingly, they screen the movie.

ChhotaBheem Journey to Petra is an animated story liked by many kids. This cartoon movie is very interesting and good to watch by the kids. The story of the film is based on Bheema and friends when they travel to Petra. The main purpose of the travel of Bheem is to find the king. The various hardships of the state are given importance by the hero and his friends. ChhotaBheem does everything to find the disappeared Induamthi and princess. The rest of the story is about how they achieve the goals of finding missing people. This story is really luring many fans repeatedly

Mighty Raju Encounter is an exemplary animated film for the kids. The kids love this film, especially for the activities of mighty Raju when he deals with the enemies. This animated movie gained a lot of appreciation among audiences like other cartoon movies. The Hero consistently fights against the enemies who disturb him often and also for a social cause. Plenty of enthusiasm is seen by the kids who watched this film because the movie gave them wonderful surprise and energy. Indeed, this cartoon movie is successful in all aspects.

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