The Best Formula To Feed Your Baby

One of the specialized baby food products gaining popularity now is the Bio “Combiotik” milk from the Hipp brand. And their popularity is not a gimmick; it is well justified; here a little bit of why.

The original idea for Hipp products came from a father, Joseph Hipp, who had two twins with serious feeding difficulties in 1899 in Pfaffenhofen, Germany. 

Joseph Hipp was a pastry chef and had two children with feeding problems. He prepared a special flour with which he enriched the milk for his children, so they managed to survive. With this special flour, he also made cakes for children that soon became a success in the area. The bakery he had became a small factory of cake flour for children. J.Hipp’s yellow and black cake packages were trendy.    

One of Joseph’s sons, Georg Hipp (1905 – 1967), was especially interested in cake flour. In the middle of the 20th century, Georg Hipp decided to follow the American model and start industrial production of organic and biological supplementary food. In 1957/58, four new products were introduced to the market: two types of vegetable meals and two menus, the much more practical and hygienic jars appeared.

Since then, the HiPP product range has been increasingly extended and has become a reference brand in organic baby food: from juices to baby food and meat preparations, from children’s desserts to children’s menus and whole fruit porridges.

That’s how HiPP became a brand name in the early 20th century with its cake flour. The fascinating history of this brand, isn’t it?

Now that we know a little more about hipp formula what characteristics make it a different product of excellent quality?

1. They are foods from organic and biological agriculture. 

Hipp offers healthy food with good taste and first quality in harmony with nature and maximum ORGANIC quality.

The soils are carefully selected, the seeds are not treated, the fruits and vegetables mature at their own pace and develop their flavor. Organic meat for HiPP menus is produced with the same care.

2. Exhaustive quality control

All Hipp products pass extensive quality controls to ensure an excellent safety level, thus exceeding international legal requirements for organic farming.

This applies to all crops, from cereal grains to peas, to milk, with all animals, fruits.

HiPP’s experts work closely with the organic farms, and the result of these efforts is high-quality organic baby food, which is subject to strict residue controls.

The BIO milk used in Hipp’s BIO dairy foods comes from cows that graze on natural pastures.

HiPP only uses milk from farms that work rigorously according to organic farming standards. The cows are kept in conditions appropriate to the species and grazed on natural pastures, cultivated without mineral fertilizers and chemical or synthetic insecticides.

The animals’ natural feeding with grass, hay, or cereals guarantees the best ORGANIC quality for this healthy and nutritious milk. This is what makes BIO milk so valuable for HiPP dairy foods.

The quality of organic milk is certified by various independent testing institutes. HiPP also checks all products in its laboratory for several physical and chemical parameters, under even stricter standards than those prescribed by law.

HiPP’s organic milk undergoes rigorous controls, and in this way, hipp formula guarantees the best organic milk for your baby.

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