The Complete Guide to Structuring a Local SEO Strategy for Your Business

A local SEO strategy is a must for any business – and it can be a game-changer for your business. Almost every search contains location information. Google’s algorithm takes location into account when ranking businesses and when returning search results.

So, your geographical location plays a crucial role in how well your business ranks in search results. While this is great for most businesses, it’s a challenge for local businesses. That’s because local businesses have a much smaller target audience than non-local businesses.

If you want to learn how to structure a local SEO strategy for your business, this guide will teach you:

·       Google My Business

If you want immediate appearance in the searches, then Google My Business helps a lot. Whoever is within close proximity will find your website if they search for the relevant product or item. You will get visible results about the website based on the distance between the user and the business location.

·       Listing business in online directories

This is one of the important factors to rank your website on top. The first pages of google search usually have pages from online directories. If you are listed in online directories, you have good chances of showing on top in google search results. is an Australian online directory that provides online directories and a service finder platform. You can have access to all the traders and sellers in Australia. Consumers have the ease to find everything in one place.

·       Targeting local keywords

This is one of the basic strategies to rank in google search results. You should use local basic keywords which would be searched by the people. You can search for popular keywords in your area and leverage them.

·       Manage customers’ reviews

A business’s reputation depends on the customers’ reviews. If you publish their testimonials, the goodwill of the business will grow and people will be stimulated to buy from you. Brand awareness will increase with it as well.

·       Creating content for the local audience

Creating enticing content will attract the audience from nearby to visit website of your business and your services and products. The content should be focused on local events and the latest news around the area. You are targeting the local audience and generating a lead by doing this.

Besides this, creating quality backlinks is important. BusyFox is an Australian online platform for publishing your business articles and news content. It will help in delivering information to consumers and expand their domain authority.

Complete Guide To Local SEO - 6 Steps To Improve Rankings


Making a user-friendly mobile website

As most of people use mobile to explore the internet today, it is important to make the website interface easy to use. The website should look neat on mobile, easy to navigate which will be an attraction to potential customers.


Local SEO is important right now when all businesses are operating online. It provides many opportunities. So, you can use your location to leverage the benefits and increase the growth of the business.

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