The Concierge And The Uniqueness Of His Role

For many, the word Concierge may be totally unknown or perhaps how many times they have stayed in a Hotel with this service and it is not accessed because they do not know what it is about. On this occasion and through this article, we will learn more about this unique position, which has become overcrowded thanks to his work, which is already considered relevant within the Hospitality and Services value chain. lodging establishments possess.

Unlike those who are unaware of this role, there are those who have personally experienced the efficiency and cordiality with which this character solves and facilitates everything, which makes them true ambassadors of the service. It is worth mentioning that this charge is found mainly in Hotel establishments, Resorts or residential buildings with five-star services around the world.

Who is the Concierge and what functions does he perform?

To illustrate who he is, I mention that he is not Bell boy, Waiter , nor Butler , nor even Receptionist , but if he is part of the Concierge area, which is located in the lobby or Halls of the Hotels and generally near the Front desk . The Concierge from his elegant desk or functional counter, provides a service that in many cases the hotels themselves offer and promote to their guests to manage, advise and facilitate their requirements, of which the most frequent and normal can be mentioned: Restaurant reservations , purchase or exchange of air tickets , transfers of different types, Toursor delivery of tourist information, manage a Rent a Car , purchase tickets for events, coordinate visits to jewelry stores or art galleries, flower purchases and much more. But what characterizes a Concierge is what for anyone is complex and why not, almost impossible to do. For example, organizing an express marriage where not even the witnesses are contemplated, being in many cases themselves part of this significant moment, getting reservations in already full restaurants, managing transfers when it is impossible to leave or reach the destination that is required, in short, to resolve or facilitate any circumstance called “Mission Impossible”.

The skills and intrinsic value of a Concierge (vocation of service, honesty, joy, respect, responsibility, kindness, generosity, ethics and understanding), are essential for good performance, which together with geographic, tourist, gastronomic and cultural, complete this unique profile. On the other hand, the Concierge handles 2 to 3 languages ​​apart from the native one, which enhances and highlights it even more.

What is the History and meaning of the Concierge?

The Concierge definition comes from the Latin “conservo”, which means “the keeper of the lamps”; This denomination fell on whoever was in charge of satisfying every wish or request of the royal visitors who visited the palaces in the 4th century. Many centuries later and in France, King Louis XI took up this concept under the term “Le Portier”, which appeared for the first time in the year 1195 and used it to refer to his trusted staff, which maintained the same characteristics of satisfy all the demands and needs of your guests at the royal palace. With the fall of the monarchy, between the 16th and 17th centuries, the profession of the doorman took a new course and it is there, where “Le Portier” changes to “Concierge”. From 1900 this figure became a very important position in Hotels, on the other hand, the increase in travel by train and steamships forced growth and the incorporation of new business and leisure hotels, which ultimately helped the development of this position. Thus, in 1929 a legendary Paris Concierge named Ferdinand Gillet founded “Les Clefs d´Or” (The Golden Keys), the Association of Hotel Concierges.

At present, the Concierges of the main hotels in the world are still associated around this great group, which is made up of 43 countries, with its motto “Service through friendship”. To belong to this association, apart from executing the position, they must meet certain requirements (Apply), in which issues such as quality policies, general culture, service and hospitality are addressed. If you see two shiny pins (crossed gold keys) on the lapel of a Concierge’s jacket, you’re in front of one of them.


Therefore and as a personal advice, if on your next trip you have the possibility that the chosen Hotel has this service, become a friend of it and I assure you that it will be your best ally when it comes to turning your trip into a unique and recommended experience in 100%. It should be mentioned that asking for their collaboration has no additional cost, since it is part of the services that accommodation establishments offer, but if it is recommended in the form of gratitude, recognize their excellent work through tips.

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