The First Licensed Casino of a Large International Brand Was Opened in Kyiv

In May 2021, an elite gambling complex Shangri La was opened on the ground floor of the fashionable Fairmont Grand Hotel. All types of classic table games, slot machines, roulette are available in the new club. It offers incredibly luxurious rooms, the finest entertainment and attentive staff. The launch of such a luxurious casino in Ukraine can be a good start for the development of the gambling business, which will bring millions of dollars to the state budget. Ukraine can become a desirable destination for gambling tourism. It will create jobs for thousands of citizens and ensure a steady flow of VIP tourists to the country.

Storm International has been waiting for the opportunity to enter the Ukrainian market for a long time. And finally it became possible. But the company faced a number of challenges when launching its first unit here. One of them is the negative public opinion about the gambling industry as a whole. 

The main reason for the prejudice of the majority of Ukrainians is the existence of the black market for gambling for over 10 years. Yes, since 2009, any type of gambling business has been banned in the country, with one exception – lotteries. It is under the guise of lotteries and with the appropriate licenses in different parts of Ukraine, until recently, there were real halls of slot machines. The equipment in these establishments was of low quality (in most cases, it was just a computer with pirated software), their users remained completely unprotected, and the state did not receive taxes from such a business. 

The situation has changed in the last couple of years, after illegal gambling halls began to close en masse, and in the summer of last year a law was signed to legalize gambling. And this is certainly a big plus, both for the country’s economy as a whole, and for each player. As representatives of Shangri La emphasize, within the framework of the law, the license obliges the casino to protect the player. Take personal data, for example: pirate casino operators can exchange information about their customers with their partners, and in the case of a licensed club, customer data will be protected by law. 

The most obvious advantage of legal casinos is paying taxes and replenishing the budget. There are over 300 employees in Shangri La Casino Kyiv, for which the operator pays taxes, unlike illegal casinos. Moreover, the casino pays 18% income tax, 10% gross gaming tax, 19.5% winnings tax and 1.5% war tax, while illegal casinos pay nothing. Company executives hope that the authorities will make laws more business-friendly, close all illegal casinos and exempt players from taxes on winnings.

All over the world, different countries’ governments receive hundreds of billions of dollars annually from casinos in the form of taxes. And as Storm International noted, opening a casino in Ukraine in 3-5-star hotels is a great idea. After all, it is the gambling establishments of such a high level in many countries of the world that bring large revenues to budgets, support the social sphere, create additional jobs, and allow large sums of money to be donated to charitable purposes.

It is important that the casino is visited by people who like to gamble and who are ready to come from other countries for this. And Shangri La Casino Kyiv is focused specifically on the wealthy public. This is truly a premium level gambling club – collection of spirits drinks, exclusive cigars, original works of art, soft carpets, high-quality wall decoration, dim lighting, expensive wood and gilding, and, of course, the most modern equipment.

At the time of its opening, Shangri La Kyiv had 20 gambling tables and 80 slot machines. Additionally, the company has ordered 20 more slots and has a space for at least four new gambling tables. All gambling equipment is presented by leading manufacturers such as Novomatic, EGT, Scientific games and IGT. There is also Gambee electronic roulette, which is planned to be expanded to 20 terminals. 

The unit provides VIP-halls and several rooms for private playing, a separate entrance for VIP guests. Top-class foreign management from different countries works here, the staff speaks 9 languages. Due to its very convenient location, the casino has the opportunity to organize awesome junket tours. The guest can choose one of three types of travel, costing from $ 5 000 to $ 25 000. In addition to transfer and accommodation, the participant is offered free food and drinks in the restaurant, as well as the right to take advantage of special offers of the institution. A cultural program is also provided: excursions to picturesque and historical places, visits to entertainment centers and nightclubs.

Shangri La players relax in the fashionable hotel luxurious rooms

The five-star Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is one of the most prestigious in the capital of Ukraine. It started its work in 2010. Influential politicians, businessmen and foreign guests regularly stay here.

The modern building rises on the slopes of the Dnipro River, which offers the best view of the embankment and the historic city center. Its corridors are decorated with exquisite works of art and massive crystal chandeliers that shimmer in the rays of light. Spacious 258 rooms with panoramic windows are designed to enjoy your vacation. And the most discerning guests will find the Gold category rooms with many pleasant bonuses. The restaurants serve great food from renowned chefs. There is also a well-equipped fitness room and a luxurious SPA center.

About brand

The founder of Storm International is Michael Boettcher. The beginning of his career in casinos is connected precisely with Ukraine: in 1991 Boettcher represented a company that planned to open casinos in the countries of the former USSR, including Ukraine and Russia. After several years as a consultant, Michael Boettcher became a shareholder in the casino and very soon founded his own brand: since 1992, he is the head of Storm International, which owns the Shangri La casino chain. 

From 2008 to 2012, the company opened casinos in various European countries, and in 2016 launched its own Internet projects. In many ways, this became possible thanks to Darren Keane, the managing director of the brand. These sites stand out for a huge collection of gambling entertainment and offer players a variety of bonuses. In total, more than 2 000 games have been collected here, including slots, scratchcards, live casino games and there is also a large section for sports betting. In the future, the company plans to expand on the Ukrainian market, as well as in a number of other countries.


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