The Perfect Crypto Signal For You

Cryptocurrency signals are information about an assumed, but highly likely (as is commonly thought) change in the value of a particular cryptocurrency. Signals can be paid and free. They can help to effectively trade cryptocurrencies, but they require an understanding of the market and do not give profit guarantees you should always remember this, focusing on any signals, paid or free.

Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

What are the sources of signals for buying and selling cryptocurrencies? All signal sources can be divided into three large groups: those obtained as a result of fundamental or technical analysis and based on insider information.

Fundamental analysis focuses on events, news, rumors, which are supposed to affect the price of cryptocurrencies, trading volume and the market as a whole.

Technical analysis is tracking the behavior of support and resistance lines, researching typical figures on the stock chart, other indicators that may indicate potential dynamics of the cryptocurrency price. From the Crypto Signals Group  you can find the best solution.

What are the Signals Based On

Signals based on insider information are the dream of many traders, especially beginners. This is information that comes from the largest market players: individual successful traders and entire teams, from coin developers and cryptocurrency services. Such information is of particular value and is expected to necessarily affect coin prices in one direction or another. Signal providers, especially paid ones, claim to base their recommendations on insiders.

  • Insider signals are considered very important, many traders are willing to pay money for them, sometimes large ones. And this demand creates an appropriate supply. A huge amount of resources are presented on the Internet that sell signals that are formed supposedly on insider information.
  • The signal looks like a message on the site, in the messenger or social network that at a certain time you can profitably buy or sell cryptocurrency. In most cases, these are forecasts for the short and medium term.

The services of insider signal providers, which have a reputation for conscientiousness, are not so easy to distinguish from pump groups, which are much larger. Such groups are interested in attracting inexperienced traders, “hamsters,” who are excitedly reacting to information about the upcoming rise in the price of a coin. Beginner traders have the right attitude to get useful information. But they do not carefully check information providers, they rely too much on luck, are too greedy and therefore fall into the diaper groups as victims.


The task of manipulator pampers is to force traders to sell coins at a certain price at a certain time. To do this, a “drain” of insider information is organized, most often quite reliable, but this information is submitted with a slight delay. For a successful pumping, it is enough to throw in information with a second delay. Money “hamsters” at good prices flow to the accounts of the manipulators.

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