The Right Opportunities for Balancing fertility Problems

Conceiving a child is above all something natural and usually functions normally without having to ask too many questions. Conversely, immediately putting pressure on results can be the cause of unfavorable psychological conditions in oneself but also in terms of fertility, or can quite simply alter desire. The best we can do, therefore, is not to think about it and to live his life together without doing any calculations.

In women as in men, there may be problems:

  • of infection
  • of genetic abnormalities
  • of psychological factors
  • Often psychological origins

Most often the couple’s infertility is of psychological origin and the results of medical investigations then return to normal. This is called unexplained infertility, because without a detected cause. If the couple is young, it is better not to rush into treatments that can be heavy. You can visit this site and have all the supports visible now.

Sex at the right time

However, it is important to remember that fertilization can only take place by having sex during the period of ovulation, that is, most often between the 10th and 17th day of the cycle (the first day of the cycle being the first day of menstruation). The day of ovulation of course depends on each woman’s ovarian cycle, which can be of variable length and sometimes irregular. It is possible to identify the day of ovulation using for example the “temperature method”. It is based on the fact that the body temperature rises by half a degree from ovulation until the end of the cycle. So by taking his temperature every morning before getting up, we can note the day of this very slight increase which reflects ovulation.

The urine test to detect the day of ovulation

There are also often expensive urine tests sold in pharmacies to detect the day of ovulation. It should be noted that while these methods can help women know when in their cycle their ovulation takes place, the fertility period is already well underway when ovulation occurs , since the egg remains fertile only one or more times. two days. However, sexual intercourse three to five days before ovulation is potentially fertile, given the lifespan of the sperm. There are two easy ways to spot when she is ovulating: the woman has more white discharge and her libido increases. So you have to listen to your body rather than paying for expensive tests to detect ovulation.

Physical conditions that promote pregnancy

Regarding the frequency of intercourse, prolonged abstinence can affect the quality of semen, while the chances of pregnancy increase with the frequency of intercourse. However, having sex more often than every other day does not increase the likelihood of pregnancy. In general, we can obviously advise to have a healthy life, with a balanced diet and rest, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and very hot baths for men.

A balanced diet for a peaceful pregnancy

The diet to be pregnant does not exist. It is simply necessary to have a balanced and varied diet to provide all the nutrients, fibers, vitamins and minerals (iron, calcium) necessary as early as possible and to continue during the 9 months of pregnancy (and more if possible). However, alcohol, tobacco and all drugs should be avoided because they decrease fertility.

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