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Tips for scaling your real estate consulting business

Whether you are a developer or investor or consultant, it is important that before coming to a final decision to accountable to real estate business that you’re professionally advised and quite updated. 

Set your plans or rules as per your previous work experience and update it based on customer feedback and break rules when situation demands. Below listed tips will help you scale your real estate consulting business to a new level. 

Understand what a consultant does

Real estate is a vast business; it involves property purchase, leasing options, architectural strategies, etc. As a consultant, you need to be aware of these fields to advice the client. The fees, such as cost per hour or commission fees should also be discussed with your client, before you begin advising towards investing in some real estate project.

Real estate license is a must 

Before you start consulting, you need to have sufficient knowledge about this industry; you can achieve this by completing pre-licensing examination or course. Each state comes with its own rules and regulations and you need to meet those requirements before you apply for license. 

Get some experience 

It isn’t advised to start your commercial real estate consultation firm right away after you get the certificate. You need to first work as an agent under a brokerage firm to accumulate some real experience. 

Play fair 

Do not try to be a salesperson wanting to sell everything out; try to understand what the customer needs, before making a conscious call.  Make sure that the properties that you’re representing are legally verified and are of great value. Indentify your customer needs and maintain consistency, while offering multiple options to build a credible and long-term relationship. 

Real estate advisory 


As the real estate consultant, you need to offer advisory services to clients that focus on real estate geographies, optimal financing solutions and capital requirements.  Your process also should focus on upfront work to minimize the load on financial sponsors and management team, enhancing efficiency and productivity.    

Stendel Reich has proven ability to produce the optimal financing solution, keeping the long term strategic objectives in mind. The firm works with skilled commercial and industrial architects to offer the first-class solutions. The firm also helps their customers understand the non-architectural matters, such as real estate as well lease negotiations. The firm help clients to identify, value real estate investment across Canada. 


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