Top 10 Match Changing Runouts in IPL

As every year, the IPL fans were eagerly waiting for the 14th edition of IPL to commence. IPL 2021 by VIVO will be hosted in India. This year you can expect a series of high-scoring games as batsmen of all eight teams will be giving their best to stay on top of the IPL ranking, and win the title.

The pressure is on, right from the get-go and, that makes striking the best rate is an important aspect to measure the batsman performance and overall IPL team ranking. A true cricket fan knows the heartbreak of runout in a crucial match. However, it depends on what side of the team you’re on.

Here’s looking back at some of the mind-boggling dismissals in IPL history.


  • Amit Mishra


Amit Mishra’s run out in the 30th match of IPL 2014 was an eccentric moment, where the fielders surprisingly missed two attempts at the stumps. However, he still could not make it into the crease and got out on the 3rd attempt by Sanju Samson on the stumps.


  • Rishabh Pant


Rishabh Pant was involved in a horrible mix-up in Delhi Capitals’ where Stoinis sent back Pant and it seemed like he had a ‘brain fade’ moment. Rishabh Pant didn’t even make a desperate attempt to get back in the crease and was mercilessly trolled for giving away his wicket.


  • MS Dhoni


The Maestro MS Dhoni also had in one of the IPL matches where he seemed a bit confused, but it was a reactionary skill. The Indian skipper tells his fielder to hold back from removing the bails till the better batsman has crossed with the weaker one.


  • Kieron Pollard


The Trinidadian cricketer is a medium-pace bowler and a big-hitting batsman in the middle-order. Pollard managed to run out Yuvraj Singh at a fairly crucial stage of the innings. Being an aggressive all-rounder Pollard is just one of those players you can’t keep out of the game.


  • Sourav Ganguly


Although Ganguly claimed 132 international wickets, he came on to bowl in the IPL 2012 match between Pune and Delhi. Sourav Ganguly usually bowls at a very gentle medium pace and the same was expected from him during the match. Kevin Pietersen’s somehow missed a straight one and the ball hit the stumps to send him trooping off to the dugout.


  • Sachin Tendulkar


Smart moves made by smart players can make any match memorable. The cardinal rule of cricket is to “Never run on a misfield”. After initially fumbling the ball, Sachin Tendulkar’s sharp recovery and quick-thinking saved the game.


  • Yuvraj Singh


It seemed like Yuvraj Singh took inspiration from Jonty Rhodes’ famous run out of Inzamam in the 1992 World Cup. In a pressure-cooker situation were Mumbai needed two runs to win the game with just one ball, Yuvraj Singh reacts incredibly quickly.


  • David Warner


The batsmen were praised for their batting skill in the IPL match as they push for a quick couple of runs. With moments David Warner changed the game and knocked down the stumps from 60 yards to leave a bewildered Stuart Binny walking back to the dugout.


  • Rohit Sharma


In IPL 2009, Rohit Sharma gave an incredible performance. First, a diving one-handed stop, then, from his knees and with just one stump to aim at, he skillfully knocked down the willow to beat the batsman.


  • Moeen Ali


In the Eliminator of IPL 2020, RCB vs SRH. RCB’s dismal performance drew a lot of flak, Moeen Ali’s poor performance further made it easier for the SRH team to notch up a six-wicket win.

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