Top 4 Ways Of Making Onboarding A User-Centric Process

Onboarding is a part of user experience creation in an app. Designers can now get the support of readymade user onboarding software and make this process a plug-and-play affair. There are a number of external and in-app ways that can help in creating a more welcoming onboarding experience for the users.

  1. Triggered email generation: An email is the most user-friendly way of onboarding the customers to an app’s features. Triggered emails are generated when a customer clicks any part of the app. Be sure of creating email content that provides information in an optimal manner – neither too much nor too less.
  2. Automate newsletter process: Newsletter is concise but meaningful way of acquainting the customers about the new features and value creators available in the app. The developers can integrate opt-in features in the app to keep the customers abreast of the important releases, upgradations and much more.
  3. Personalized email and synchronized phone call: Customers want to feel welcome and well taken care of. The onboarding tool of a personalized email and a welcome phone call within a few minutes of signing up in the app can create a user-friendly first impression, which can be a good kickstart to a long-lasting business relationship.
  4. Push notifications in a structured way: This is not an in-app tool but works great in increasing conversions. When the user has signed up but shows no action after three days, the onboarding tool can trigger the push email to reinforce the information to the customer, and take confusion out, if any.

Onboarding is done for the users, then why not keep the user convenience while designing the user onboarding software? With help of the pointers mentioned above, you can provide the correct environment to the customers, and also analyze the loopholes before these grow out of proportion and hit back badly.

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