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Trends in Carpets and Interior Design

Carpets and interiors are one of the fastest-growing segments in the home improvement industry. With home prices soaring in major cities, more homeowners are renovating their homes, giving them a “makeover.” In response to this increase in interest, carpets and interior design trends continue to grow as well. Interior designers can be found across the country who specialize in drafting and implementing ideas that make the home not only look good but also work well in most situations.

Commercial interiors are one segment that has been affected by carpets and interior design trends most. This is because commercial buildings are often decorated with carpeting as a sign of unity and professionalism. Many employers use carpets in their business establishments to make the place more inviting and appealing to potential customers. In turn, this has made commercial carpets a lucrative market for those who want to make money by designing and selling them.

Carpets and commercial interiors trends are not the only things affected by economic stimulus programs. Other decorating ideas have also been affected by the recession. One of the latest is using “green” or eco-friendly products in the home.

The focus has recently been on neutral colors, particularly blues, greens and tans in rooms that are designed as offices or business offices. Neutral colors are generally preferable for rooms that require high levels of privacy such as conference rooms. However, neutral colors and classic patterns also work well in residential homes. One of the latest developments in decorating the home is using “holistic” themes – combining neutral colors with elements from earth, fire and water that provide a pleasing effect.

A major trend for the coming years is the use of muted colors in the home interior design. As the baby boomer generation ages, their tastes in decorating and creating a calming, harmonious environment in the home will change. They will want to use warm earthy scandinavian theme and begins in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. Royal blue, cool blues, dark greens and natural tans are among the most popular colors used. In addition, blacks and greys have always been popular in neutralizing colors.

Another trend for the coming years is the use of a monochromatic palette in the interior design scheme of one room or even one house. This is done so that when different colors are used in different parts of the house the effect is more cohesive. Monochromatic schemes are very common in dining rooms, but now they are becoming more popular in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms too. Also, four bathrooms, a monochromatic scheme of black, white and grey can create a calming effect in the room.

When the trend of the sixties hit, people’s ideas about what was considered trendy and stylish became more rigid. The sixties revolutionized American decorating by bringing about an era of simplicity, plainness and modernism. This was in stark contrast to the wild craze for bright colors, vivid patterns and lavish detail that had been the norm during the earlier Victorian era. Red, pink and turquoise were all used in the design of decorating homes at that time, which still seems very fashionable today.

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Today, it seems that more homeowners are looking back to the sixties for inspiration when it comes to choosing colors for their interiors. With so many neutral colors available and the trend toward monochromatic schemes, it seems that the lime green of yesterday is fading quickly into the background. One interesting trend that is starting to show up is the use of reds and oranges in combination with other colors to create contrasting color palettes in a room. Red being the key player is an old standby from the past but the combination of deep oranges and rich reds is a new spin on this theme.

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