Trying to Find a Suitable Company for Folded Carton Packaging? Then Here’s How You Can Find One

Most people in the food and beverages industry are aware of the reasons why they require folded carton packaging services and solutions. However, what they do not know is that the quality of services offered by all printers isn’t the same. Hence, we have made this guide in order to let you learn how you can find a printing company that’s worth your money and time. The answer is hiring only BRC certified printers like Netpak

That being said, you must be wondering what is BRC and what makes it so valuable. If yes, then this guide is a goldmine that has all your answers. 

So, what is BRC? 

BRC stands for British Retail Consortium. It is the most prestigious organization that lays down a set of rules that companies related to food packaging must follow. Only if a company follows all their safety guidelines that they are issued the BRC certification – a symbol of trust that all quality guidelines are being followed. 

And as you might have guessed already, obtaining this certification is no joke. The BRC agents make periodic inspections in order to check every single step that begins at making the blueprints and ending with the final production, warehousing, as well as distribution methods.

So, hiring printers that are BRC certified will make your business flourish since your customers will be rest assured that you’re taking all kinds of precautions while packaging food and beverages. 

Having said that, some of the stunning services that you’ll most likely find worthy at Netpak are listed below. 

The Pre Press Services 

Creatives and designers at this firm first make a blueprint of the carton – the kind of paper and ink that’ll be used, the kind of lamination and paper coatings that’ll be used, the kind and style of information that’ll be listed on the carton, and so on – before actually approving the manufacture.

Which means, you’ll get exactly what you pay for while you get the independence of making any kind of changes in the design or pattern. Some such pre-print services that are mandatory steps are listed below. 

  1. Graphic and structural design.
  2. Color management and mock-up. 
  3. Artwork, blank prototype, and die lines. 
  4. High resolution proofs and offset lithography. 

The Enhanced Printing Services 

These services result in the manufacture of cartons that are quality assured. The different techniques and methods used at Netpak are as follows. 

  • Texture effect varnish.
  • UV high gloss coating and embossing.
  • Lamination and special inks.

Other than these 2 services, Netpak also offers finishing services and warehousing services. Have a look at their website, to explore more about many such services and solutions.

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