Understanding SEO For Higher Education

According to statistics, 67% of the potential students use the internet to look for their primary source of information while choosing higher educational institutions. However, you will be surprised to know that nine out of ten students are lost and do not know when to get themselves admitted. This is why they look into various search engines to pick the best for themselves.

From the above paragraph, it can be quickly concluded that search engine optimization today has a lot of potential in the education industry. Still, there is a lot of unexplored areas in this field. So, why not help one of the best SEO services in Delhi and imply SEO services in the education field!

Here are some processes as suggested by the best digital marketing company in Delhi that can be followed for better search engine optimization results:

  1. Conduct an on-page SEO audit

When working with higher education sites, they tend to feature several pages on their subdomains. This leads to a lack of attention from the viewers on essential pages that they should get. Furthermore, these pages may often contain contents that have already been removed. So, when your viewer clicks on a link and does not find any information from it, they are sure to never return to your site again. Therefore, before you launch your educational website into the market, make sure it is entirely authentic. The SEO audit will help you fetch the loopholes.

  1. Check out for duplicate content

As you know, for any website to stand out from the crowd, good content is king. However, what most of you miss out on is that the content should not be duplicated. Plagiarized or duplicate content has the potential of damaging the visibility of your site. Further, it will not enjoy the search engine rank that it was supposed to because Google will not figure out the originality or authenticity of the content.

  1. Pay attention to issues related to indexation

Often, you will come across crawl errors in SEO. This is caused due to indexation. Indexation is one of the essential components of SEO. In everyday language, indexing in SEO means adding and arranging the web pages in Google search results. This indexing of Google largely depends on the meta-tags that you have used. If you want your educational site to sustain and exist for a longer time, it is better to monitor its indexing. If you wish your website to be visible on the first page, you have to keep an eye on the metatags of your competitors. It is always advisable to hire a web design company for professionally updated website.

  1. Find a remedy for speed load issues

The time taken by your website or page to get loaded affects the search engine optimization of that page. Page load speed was considered as one of the vital factors by Google’s Algorithm Speed Update in 2018. To grab the readers’ attention, it is essential to add unique content and attractive and relevant images. However, optimizing the images and scaling them can bring a lot of difference. You can optimize the images without having to compromise with their quality.

  1. Mobile optimization

Nowadays, more than half of the population search for information on their mobiles. In many cases, you will find that traffic generated from mobile is almost half that of the total traffic that occurred on a particular website. The education industry consists of people belonging to the age of 18 – 25 years. Hence, this younger generation is sure to look more into their mobile screens than on desktop screens. Therefore, make sure that the education site is mobile-friendly.


An SEO campaign for higher education is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote oneself and reach the students. For more information, you can consult with any digital marketing agency in Delhi.

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