Travel Reviews Explores Secrets Flight Attendants Never Tell You


Flying on an airplane can be a wonderful experience for some people. For others, it can be a terrifying experience. Flight attendants help these people to remain calm. According to Reviews, there are some secrets that flight attendants never tell you. These are listed below:

The Secrets

  1. The water used to make beverages is not clean – After spending long hours at the office and packing your things for travel, you look forward to your flight where you can just sit and relax. What better way to set in the mood than ordering a cup of hot tea or coffee? It’s quite surprising to know that the water used to make these beverages in front of you is used from the hold-up containers at the aircraft which are seldom cleaned.
  1. Aircraft are cleaned once a month – You may get the feeling of being in a clean and calm environment as you enter an airplane. But the cleaning officials hardly get around ten minutes to clean the aircraft when it lands, and passengers disembarks. Very skillfully, they ask the passengers to hand over the trash before landing so they just do superficial cleaning, mainly putting the magazines and brochures in a proper way.

It’s time for the aircraft to get ready for another flight. Every aircraft is taken to hangar just once a month for a thorough cleaning with a vacuum and disinfectant. So, the next time you think that the seat next to you is clean, think again.

  1. Relationships between crew and pilots are quite common – Even though the crew and pilot seem quite professional, it’s quite common for them to engage in a romantic relationship. Spending most of the time together in flight and also on layover staying at the same hotel facilitates, they get attracted to each other. So, if you ever notice a crew and pilot together, you may be witnessing a romantic couple.
  1. Oxygen in the oxygen mask – It’s quite important to know that there is only fifteen minutes of oxygen that you can breathe once you pull it towards you in case of any crisis. But don’t worry. This time is enough for the pilot to drop the level to a low altitude where breathing would be much easier.
  1. Planes do get struck by lightning – One of the biggest secrets that airlines are not ready to divulge is that aircraft get struck by lightning every now and then. Most of the time it may happen when you travel in turbulent weather. The only reason people don’t get hurt or know about them is because the intensity of these strikes is very low.
  1. The lavatories can be opened from outside – The lavatories in the plane can be opened from outside in case someone is hurt or falls sick inside. So, next time you are inside, remember it can be opened from outside. However, you are safe inside until something bad happens to you.


According to Reviews, it is better to keep some information secret until we are ready to accept them. However, keeping secrets, in general, is not a good thing as it only creates confusion and misunderstanding.

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