What are the Different Types of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems?

There are a few different types of fire suppression systems on the market. We’ll compare Kidde, PIRANHA, ANSUL, and UL 300 systems. But, which one is best for your restaurant? Read on to find out! Listed below are some pros and cons of each. Which method should you buy for your restaurant? Also, consider the installation process before buying your new system. Choosing a quality fire suppression system is vital for your business’s safety and security.

UL 300

If your restaurant is on the fast track to success, you should consider a UL 300 restaurant fire suppression systems NYC. While it won’t prevent a fire in your kitchen, a proper suppression system will minimize damage and save your restaurant from closure. This protects your customers and employees, but it also protects your reputation, as word of a fire quickly spreads online. So if you’re looking to reduce the cost of running your restaurant, a UL 300 restaurant fire suppression system is the way.

Before 1994, commercial cooking used animal fat. Using vegetable oils helped lower fat content, but they were also more flammable. Modern high-efficiency cooking appliances are insulated, making it difficult for dry chemical systems to extinguish a fire. Furthermore, because they are slow to cool, dry chemical systems can’t contain a fire entirely and may cause the fire to reignite. In addition, UL 300 restaurant fire suppression systems are not effective against fires caused by dry chemical systems.


Kidde restaurant fire suppression system is a powerful way to protect your business from the dangers of a cooking fire. This system combines a control panel and clean agents to stop combustion quickly. It covers a variety of cooking appliances by turning grease and other flammable liquids into soap, preventing re-ignition. For over a century, the Kidde WHDR system has been the leading fire suppression system in restaurants.

Its unique cleaning agents can effectively suppress fire in 10 seconds or less. These features significantly reduce the time your business will be down after a fire. It is also recommended that all IND and WHDR systems undergo an SVA locking function test. These two features make Kidde restaurant fire suppression systems excellent for restaurants. In addition, you can find a certified Kidde installation company in your area to help you install the system.


The PIRANHA Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System is a revolutionary, dual-agent restaurant fire protection system that combines water and PRX liquid fire suppressant to provide rapid, effective firefighting. It offers dramatic improvements over conventional single-agent systems, including the ability to cool cooking oils 15 times faster and requires 60% fewer agent and storage tanks. Plus, it minimizes clean-up costs, too.

ANSUL designed the PIRANHA restaurant fire suppression system to provide the best protection possible for commercial kitchens. Its modular design adapts to your evolving needs and budget, providing quality protection that is both reliable and scalable. You can add a second system in the future as your kitchen grows and choose from two different designs: appliance-specific protection and overlapping protection. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that your restaurant’s equipment will be protected.


Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are an excellent way to ensure fire safety in restaurants and professional kitchens. They operate by knocking out flames and creating a vapor-securing blanket. They are designed to prevent re-ignition and can be connected to ventilation and cooking equipment. Further, these systems are designed to meet stringent standards and are recognized by the aviation industry. To ensure that your system is working correctly, schedule a maintenance appointment with a factory-authorized service technician.

ANSUL RED Technology is designed to provide intelligent multi-zone fire protection. Designed by leading industry experts, the system combines the features of a traditional suppression system with the convenience and functionality of a modern fire suppression system. The system’s design minimizes grease buildup, simplifies maintenance, and includes features such as auto-reset after a period of inactivity and confirmation that it is active.


The KITCHEN KNIGHT II Restaurant Fire Suppression System offers comprehensive protection for your cooking equipment, cooking hood, grease filters, and ducts from fire and smoke. This pre-engineered system uses fine droplets of potassium carbonate solution to fight fires. The firefighting foam creates a protective blanket to prevent the re-ignition of the fire. The Pyro-Chem KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is available with additional features to meet your restaurant’s needs.

The KITCHEN KNIGHT II, a restaurant-fire suppression system, can accommodate various restaurant sizes and features dual-capacity, automatic, and manual actuation options. It can suppress fires throughout a 24-hour operation and can be adapted to suit the layout of appliances. In addition, the system’s UL300 rating ensures it is effective and safe for any kitchen.

Range Guard

A sound restaurant fire suppression system is essential for preventing grease and oil fires from spreading in the kitchen. Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems have protected restaurants for nearly four decades. These systems use heat sensing technology and six heat detectors to detect fires ranging from 0F to 120F. They also use advanced wet chemical technology to suppress fires in commercial kitchens and keep them from re-flaring.

Modern-looking range guards look sleek and stylish and can easily be customized to match the rest of your cooking equipment. They can also come in a variety of colors. Restaurant range guards with high fire suppression capacities and excellent reviews from customers can be a perfect choice. They keep fires at bay, but they also appease fire inspectors. To find the right one, compare prices and read reviews from previous customers.


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