What is a hernia mesh complications?

Sometimes the body does not accept implantation of hernia mesh in a positive manner, for these hernia meshes behave dysfunctionally, resulting in different types of problems for the body.  Some of the common issues that occur when a hernia mesh goes wrong are adhesion, full obstruction resulting in piles,  different types of infection,  severe pain,  rejection of mesh, or its migration.  There are many reported cases that show that even after a successful hernia mesh implantation, the hernia has recurred, or there has been a mesh failure resulting in further complications. Side effects of hernia mesh might occur immediately after the surgery or also might occur long after the surgery is done.

Risks and side effects of Hernia Mesh

It has been often observed that implantation of hernia mesh includes a lot of risks and side effects. While treating hernia,  it is very important to understand and take care of the risks and side effects of hernia mesh and the surgery that goes behind this process.  One significant risk factor that involves hernia mesh adhesion. Adhesion In very simple words refers to scar-like tissues that stick to each other and do not function properly. Another significant risk factor and side effect of hernia mesh is the occurrence of bowel obstruction due to the presence of this mesh inside the body. When these Side Effects occur, one might experience nausea,  vomiting, and inability to pass out gas or stool from the body.

Infection as a risk factor and side effect of Hernia Mesh

One of the major risks and side effects of hernia mesh is that it might cause different types of infections in the body, which might get very fatal and also result in life threatening issues and might need medical attention such as another surgery or other form of treatment.  In case of simple infections caused by hernia mesh,  the case might be treated with simple antibiotics. When these infections become severe, they become very difficult to treat, and there might be a need for mesh removal with the help of surgery. This process is most of the time accompanied by intravenous antimicrobial treatments.

Recurrence of Hernia after the mesh implantation

One of the most common risk factors and side effects of hernia mesh is that even after successful implantation of the hernia mesh, a hernia can reoccur multiple times after the operation.  If Hernia re-occurs repeatedly, it might end up resulting in severe complications for the body and might end up requiring surgical attention again and again.  Hernia mesh doesn’t provide any guarantee against recurrence of hernia or its side effects.


Sometimes, the material with which the Hernia meshes are made can have severe side effects on the body, which can cause the body to reject the hernia mesh immediately. Rejection of the Mash can have symptoms like swelling,  pain,  redness, and flu.  Patients should be extremely conscious and should keep themselves under serious observation to prevent any critical side effects from happening.

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