What is Phishing and DDoS attacks in Online Security Breaches?

The Phishing and DDoS or denial of service attacks are different types of security breaches similar to attacks using viruses, spyware and other malware which generally arrives through email. The cybercriminals often send bogus but impressive and convincing emails to the employees or a specific employee of an organization. The email often appears as an authentic and urgent communication from a reliable executive with urgent request to send organizations records or username and password or other sensitive and confidential data of the organization. Either because of ignorance or hasting to fulfil the request if the employee emails back to the cybercriminals, he or she puts the organization exposed to issues of a security breach.

The above tricks and tactics by the cybercriminals to target a person from an organization are called phishing or spearfishing. These types of attacks are often targeted to achieve accessing financial accounts of the organizations. The phishing also targets individuals who have personal accounts. For example, you may get an urgent email saying about an attempt to access your bank account, and therefore you need to immediately click on a link and log-in. On the other hand, the link may be a fake link and when you log-in, your log-in information directly goes to the cybercriminal.

Once the fraudster gets your log-in username and password, they can either change do financial transaction ultimately taking out money from your account or can change the username and password, and demand money from you set your account. The phishing is also used for hacking your email for accessing your personal information as well as the confidential information of your clients or customers which are stored in your email browser.

On the other hand, the DDoS or the denial of service attacks basically crash websites. Through DDoS, the hackers usually make a computer or website unavailable by flooding the computer or website with a lot of traffic. The DDoS are considered very dangerous security breaches because they can overload the security devices of an organization and make the organisation unable to do business.

DDoS attacks often target financial websites or government websites. The purposes of DDoS may be taking revenge or activism or extortion. When DDoS attacks are performed, the organizations who have been doing prosperous business, they will not be able to access their website which will eventually hamper their business.


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