What Is Processed Cheese, and Should We Eat It?

When it comes to American cheese, all we imagine is plastic wrapped orange slices. Even if you google ‘Why American cheese is….’, you will get a suggestion for “Bad,” “not cheese,” and “gross.”

You may have a long list to describe why American cheese is not good or fake. However,it’s not all about the American cheese; there are some excellent cheeses and bad cheeses. Americans are cheese fanatics which is why they like to use a more processed cheese option – It’s cheap,tasty, quick and long-lasting.

For cheese lovers like me, we’re too busy enjoying our nachos, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches; we don’t really mind what those people say.

I believe American cheese is not only delicious; it’s fascinating,too;it’s even an essential part of the meal. It deserves a good image among cheese lovers. So for the sake of my favorite cheese, I have gathered some common arguments and decided to erase these myths.

American cheeses aren’t real cheeses, they are unhealthy, and taste bland. These are some the common misconceptions that we can see on the internet.

First off, for those who say American cheese is not real – It’s a processed cheese made from real milk by adding some other ingredients like salt, preservatives, food dye, extra dairy, and others.

The main reason behind this is it helps the cheese to melt smoothly. Additionally, it’s cheaper, quicker to produce, and does last longer. You don’t have to wait years for the cheese. The booming demand for cheese requires more cheese and more processed cheeses can be a great help.

American cheese is not acomplete replacement for cheese, it’s made to enhance the taste of the fast food that we regularly consume – cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and others.

As for the health implications of American cheese, I’m not qualified enough in that area to be discussing it, but my knowledge is that processed cheese is a combination of real cheese and other ingredients and just because some of the ingredients aren’t the best for us, doesn’t mean it’s all bad. After all, all-natural foods always have some organic compounds that we are unaware of.

Let’s not forget, real cheese is as much of aninvention of science as processed cheese.  Manipulating milk proteins by adding some acid – It’s all science. The only thing that makes processed cheese unhealthy is the amount you consume. Too much of anything can harm us, even drinking too much water is not good for us, so some slices of cheese aren’t going to hurt you or your diet.

Even if you think American cheese is unhealthy, you can purchase it from some of the famous cheese brands in Australia like Pure Dairy whohave are aware of and care about everyone’s health. Pure Dairy offers a Hi-Melt cheese with no unnatural ingredients.  Ooey gooey cheese that healthy, tasty, and, more importantly, blends perfectly with your burger.

For those who call American cheese a boring cheese, I’m pretty sure they have not tried cheeseburgers and cheese sandwiches yet. Even if they have tried them, they might not have been to a restaurant that specializes in the best burgers and sandwiches. If you don’t believe me, it’s time to google for the best burger restaurant near you and try some delicious cheeseburgers with American cheese.

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